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# Name:      Julia Lutsenko

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lyubotin town

# Phone:    +380957154062

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 41%

# Scam scenarios:   Money for translation, stolen photos of Irina Voronina, PlayBoy model

# Details: This is an email of this false translational company..Transmova company...these thieves tell me that for to obtain more letters from "my lady" I have to give them much money...this is their last mail....rnrnDear Mr. Maurizio Pizii,rn rnThank you for your reply. As you requested we are sending you ourrnprice list. There are two variants of purchasing a translatingrnaccount:rn rn- letter per letter variant;rn- package variant.rn rnIf you choose letter per letter variant you pay each letterrnseparately. Each letter form you or your lady will cost 5 USD, photosrnare paid separately. Printing a picture costs 3 USD, scanning arnpicture costs 2 USD. Choosing this package you can put any sum on yourrnaccount. And when the balance is overing you will be immediatelyrninformed by our manager about the current state of your package.rn rnIf you choose package variant prices are fixed:rn- unlimited package for a month costs 200 USD( includes any amount ofrnletters and pictures per month)rn-unlimited no photo package costs 150 USD(includes only any amount ofrnletters a month)rn rnYou can also purchase half packages:rn-unlimited package for two weeks costs 100 USDrn-unlimited no photo package for two weeks costs 75 USD.rn rnWays of payment for our service:rn rn-you can send the money directly to your lady through western union orrnmoney gram service. For this you will need full name and address ofrnyour lady:rn rnLutsenko Julia, 62433, Ukraine, Charkov region, Lyubotin townrnLeninskaya street, 18.rn rnafter you make the transfer you should send a special MTCN code andrnyour lady will receive it with her Ukrainian passport.rn rnThis procedure can be done on line: www.westernunion.comrn rn-if you have no possibility to make the transfer through thesernservices you can apply for our bank details.rn rn rnTop Manager of Transmova company.rnOlya Granko.rn rnAdress: 62433 Ukraine, Charkov region , Lyubotin town, Komsomolskayarnstreet 10.rn rn rnTel :+380957154062rnrn.....I havent sent nothing....of course...rn

# Date: 2012-05-20

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