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# Name:      Erika Brown

# E-mail:

# Address:  USA , Madison

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 27%

# Scam scenarios:   Ask for money, stolen photos of erotic model Sweet Krissy

# Details: there is something i have been longing to tell you but i have been hiding it from you since i we havent known each other that well i have been studing you and i found out you are the kind of person who can be relied on and trust worthy so that is why i have decided to let you know what i have been going through here to fixrnErika Brown: face i meanrntjcourneya: I assure you, I have been studying you also. Why would I not be? rntjcourneya: After all we are putting our whole life on the line.rntjcourneya: For each other. We cant help but be guarded a bit.rnErika Brown: oh yes i do agree with you for that my love well can i go on with my storyrntjcourneya: yes, please do.rntjcourneya: I am listening.rnErika Brown: I think it is the high time for me to tell you why i am here in United Kingdom, actually i have been hiding it from you since all this while and the reason for my silence is because i havent known you that well, beside i have been studying you and the way we have been communicating on the internet, but i see you as a man who can be thrust worthy and reliable. Actually, like you earlier know before that i am the only child of my parents and dad is a British while mum is a Native American, my dad has a Business firm plus an Estate here and as the only child of my parents, he WILLED the property in my namernErika Brown: I want you to know that, i have always loved my Ex-man so much that, i changed my name on the properties to his name, i did all these because i loved him so much for the sake of LOVE we shared together and dont think i will have control over him when we are together. However, i never knew he was a gold digger and was after my parents property, he sold the firm that belongs to me without my consentrnErika Brown: Furthermore, after all his bad behaviours with his new GOTTEN WIFE, i left the States to the United Kingdom to make sure that he didnt sale the Estate as it is all i have left for now, i have been in here for days looking for a buyer to buy the Estate because i put FOR SALE on it. I sold the Estate to TWO CLOSE FRIENDS who wanted to use it for a school here, it was sold for FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($550,000). After i was paid, i took the money to a Bank here in order to transfer it into an account, but unfortunately i was told that, they could not transfer it to another country that, they can only transfer within Europe CountriesrnErika Brown: However, i know we met on the internet and i am not confortable with this relationship because of what happened to me lately and i am scared over here because i dont want the people around here to find out that i have huge amount of money with me so that i dont get SETUP or KILL me and do away with the money, so i have deposited the money in a Security company for safe keeping, it contains Two Trunk Boxes which i have locked with 4 digit code and its only me that can open them with the digits code. I do not let anyone know that i have money in the boxes also i want you to know that, the security company where i deposited the funds is a private shipment company and there is no problem with the boxes when they are ready to be shippedrnErika Brown: I need your help and thrust with this, honey i want you to help me with this trunk boxes, i want to come over to your end and start up a new family life all over again also i hope you are a reliable and serious minded man who is willing to have a serious relationship with me and a happy family soon. I need your trust and help with this, i want the boxes shipped to you while i come to you as soon as you receive the boxes. I know we have just met and i believe i can thrust you well enough with these money because my HEART is set on you and i have this strong feeling that i can thrust you, this is where we have to build our THRUST and LOVE for each otherrnErika Brown: Finally, honey can i thrust you with these funds and will you help me? trust is letting others know your feelings, emotions, reactions and having confidence in them to respect and not take advantage of you, trust is sharing your inner feeling and thoughts with others with the belief that they will not spread them indiscriminately. Thirty percent (30%) of the total money will be for you also what kind of investment do you think we can do invest these funds on as soon as it gets delivered to you? i would like us to buy a new house where we can live together and be happy as good husband and wife. I want you to know that whatever i have belong to you and whatever you have belong to me for the love that we are shared nowrn

# Date: 2012-03-18