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# Original Report:  here

# Name:      Evgeniya Kudakova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lugansk

# Dangerous: 37%

# Details: I would like to report to you about a scammer Evgeniya (Jane) Kudakova from Lugansk and what appears to be a scammer agency Slavonic Beauty. Her e-mail address that she uses is . I first wrote to her at under the profile of janekud ( has been removed). She also has a profile at friendfinder at Kud_Jane and Abslolute Agency under ID# A1073412 and matchdoctor under the name of Beautiful_Girl. She uses an Agency called Slavonic Beauty . The manager at this agency is Svetlana Litvinova I would be very careful in dealing with this agency as there are many well known scammers listed on their site, may be they are all scammers! They tried to get me to send them money in order to talk with her. I did send her a telegram to the address that she gave to me but they were unable to deliver it as there was no such address. She has all of the makings of a scammer even though I did not get a chance to send her or for her to ask for money except for this Agency which I am quite sure is a fraud especially by the fact that almost all of the women listed there as known scammers. Please add her to your list.

# Date: 2005-04-22
Jane Kudakova Introductory Letter - Oct. 02. 2001

Hello, Dear XXXXX,

I'm so happy that I've got your letter. I was so worried when I went to the agency. I didn't expect that the Destiny would send me such a man like you. You are special to my mind and moreover you are handsome. I like handsome men.
I'm very glad to start correspondence and want to know as much as it is only possible about you. And at first I'll write some things about me.
My name is Jane. I was born in a small town that can be translated as Happiness. There I spent my first and most happy years of my life. I was surrounded with love and care of my dear parents. But then nightmare came. My father began to drink and my parents divorced. Soon my mother met another man Sasha. They began to live together and they had a child - my brother Danil. At first I got close to him though there was a big difference
in years (13 years). I played and walked with him. But then I began to feel that all the love, tender and care of my parents was given to my brother. They didn't notice me and once they forgot to congratulate me with my Birthday. I cried all the evening in my room and understood that nobody needed me there. So when I had a possibility to go to another city I did it and entered the University. Now I rent a small apartment and of course I can't live without parents' help but they always reproach me because they pay for my education and living.
But I don't complain. Now I'm quite calm and happy though there are some problems. I have many friends but our relations don't go further. They are of my age and it is not interesting for me with them. I need older man who can become my tower of strength and protection.
Many young boys tried to be with me. But their intentions were not serious or maybe I didn't fall in love with anybody. Because I think that love is the brightest and clearest sense that can be between two people who are intended for each other by the Destiny. And maybe we are such two people?
You may don't believe but I thought about you all the time since I got your letter!
I hope that we will come to know one another better in our further correspondence and you will think about me too.
I know English rather good and this letter was written by me with a little help of the agency. They checked my mistakes. You should know that I'm a member of the marriage agency "Slavonic Beauty". I don't
want to tell you this but I have to if I want to go on with you. The services of the agency are not free of charge. They help such girls as I am to find the only right man somewhere abroad. They provide translation and E-mail services. I can not pay them myself and that's why I need your help. Because of the fact that I know English and they will charge me less (only for E-mail service and typing) but still it is too expensive for me. You know there is no Ukrainian girl in the Internet who is not a member of some agency. There are also many scarm agencies that try to steal money from foreigners. I can not make you help me but I ask. If you are interested in me believe that I'm interested too. Please, help me. The agency will send you the information. Read it carefully and decide if you want to be with me.

Write to me soon! I will wait impatiently!
Send you my air kiss!

My address:
Ukraine 348051
kv. Yakira 8/10
Evgeniya Kudakova

"Slavonic Beauty" money request letter

Dear Sir!

You have begun correspondence with one of our girls.
You should know that our services are not free of charge that's why I want
to provide you with all the necessary information to be able to correspond
with your girl. You can find it in the attached file. It is in Word 97 format.
Or you will find the same information and photos at

Best Regards
"Slavonic Beauty" Manager
Svetlana Litvinova

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