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# Name:      Iryna Milekhina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Mariupol

# Phone:    +38 097 913 8004

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 53%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: I will begin by saying that I’m a nice, kind and patient man. But at times my patience is not so nice. rn rnTo begin with I have been helping Irina for 2 years. I did this because I have a nice heart. I have always supported her in good and bad times. At first I really felt something special for her. I wanted to share my life with her. Now I’m not sure.rn rnIt all went very well for the first few weeks until she left her parents home. She asked me for help in paying for an apartment. I began paying for an apartment that was $100 dollars a month. Then she moved out into a $300 dollar apartment. I kept paying her rent. I paid it during one year and a half and she kept telling me that she can not find a job.rn rnWhen her cell phone broke I sent her $250 dollars to buy one. Then she wanted to buy a $250 dollar jacket I bought it for her. rnI have also bought her a red dress that cost $150 dollars. Also a jumper and other clothes she wanted along with some jewelry.rn rnA year and a half ago she wanted to go to Turkey. So she told me to send her $1300 dollars for the tickets and hotel stay. So I sent the money. Then She also asked me for $500 dollars to take along. I sent the money as usual. But we never took this trip!!!!!!!!rn rnWhy you may ask? Well she told me that on the way to the airport she had an accident. She had broken her leg and needed medical attention. The trip got cancelled and according to her story the travel agency would not give her a refund. I lost $1800 dollars!!!!rn rnShe kept the $500 dollars and said she used the money to pay the hospital. I did not know why the trip was canceled until days later. I was a bit suspicious of all of this. But I let it go and helped her. By the way I lost the money for my tickets $1200 dollars.rn rnThen she told me she was very sick and staying in a hospital, that she needs some urgent surgery and if she doesn’t pay the doctors will not give her immediate help. I helped her once more by sending money to pay hospital $ 1000. Not only that but I also paid her rent apartment as well. When she went home I sent money for her medicines, food and vitamins.rn rnI have been helping her all of this time with money. I have never asked for anything in returned of her. But at times she becomes very demanding. She says she loves me but I have my doubts. I do not believe her anymore is like if I have lost total trust in her. rn rnWhen she asked me for the rent money and I did not have it she called me to say some very nice words - FUCK YOU!!! Yes those were the very special words for me. She also has told me to find a new girlfriend many times. Maybe I will do just that!!!!!!rn rnShe is a very strange and complicated woman! Not to mentioned very expensive! Now she still wants me to keep on paying her rent. rnrnI never got to meet her, I have been busy with my work. She told me that she could come and visit me in Chicago and the tickets will cost $ 2000 and she could get a visa for $ 1200 in three weeks. I couldn’t just pay that anymore… after I have spent over $10 000 after all.rnrnAlex. rn

# Date: 2009-12-02

I sent her money via Western Union, she sent me a copy of her passport with her name and address on it and herself in the picture.