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# Name:      Ekaterina Matveeva

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Nizhny Novgorod

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Hello, my xxxx!!!How there were you weekends? How is the weather there in your country? I had good time here, please explain me, that means " sensual pics ". You not like mine pics? I was glad the nobility about your favourite music and your interests.Today I worked in my asylum and I helped my children to do their homework. They are in 3rd form now so I can check their excercises and tO prompt if something is not correct. You know, its difficult for me to be surrounded by a lot of children every day, but I must confess that I like it, I love them. When I see children smiles when they meet me I think: " Katya, they need you, they love you, you are so important for them! "My darling, its so important to have someone who needs you, do you agree? I very much wish to have happy family, I wish to have the careful husband and beautiful children!!As for me, I can say that I cannot imagine my life without your letters. Our friendship warms me and I feel happy about this fact. In spite of distance that separates us we can understand each other and we have a lot of common. I think that understanding is a very important thing in human relations, what do you think? Without understanding people cannot communicate even if they have good attitude to each other!!!Oh, my darling xxxx, I have forgotten to say to you that I have a creature that loves me a lot and needs me! Its my cat Murka:) She is black and some people say that its a bad sign. But I do not believe in signs and I love my cat. I send you a picture with my cat. Write me, do you like her? How do you find her? She is so beautiful!!!I also want to receive a letter from you. I have never received letters from abroad, so I want you to be the first man to do it. I want to have the opportunity to hold the letter in my hands. Also I am going to keep it and to read it every day to feel your presence next to me.Well, my address:Last name: Matveeva;Name: Ekaterina;Address: st. Osipenko, 16, app. 24;City: Nizhni Novgorod;Index: 603158;Country: Russia;So I look forward to receiving your letter. I really need it, because its so romantic!!! I imagine myself reading your lines and crying with delight!!!My sweet xxxx, I also wait for your E-mail messages. Write me about your lifetime, I really want to know every detail of your life.So I finish my letter and I wait with great impatience for your answer!!!!I kiss you with all the tenderness of my heart!!!!!! Your KatyarnrnHello, my marvelous xxxx!!!I love you! I love you! I love you! I am so happy to get this letter of yours that I want to begin my answer with sweet words of love. I love you! I love you! I love you!Oh, darling, how much I miss you, baby. My parents send you their best regards. They say that they are very happy for us. Of course its difficult for them to understand that their daughter does not belong only to them any longer, but in their souls they are happy for me because they can see that I am as a shining sun!Also my colleagues and my pupils can see that I am very happy!!! I began to smile very often and I became very cheerful. My friends even say to me that I became more beautiful. How do you think, xxxx, its true:)Today I went in bank and learned, how you can transfer money to me from your country! I very much am grateful to you for your care of me, for payment of my insurance 690 Euro. In bank to me have told, that have system money transfer Money Gram. It is reliable system of money transfers. Its system are available in your city and mine. You can use Money Gram, for transfer of money to me. Usually offices Money Gram are in post office. You can send money for the name of my mum cause my documents are in agency!I am going write you this and please be careful, there should be no mistake.Last name: Mamaeva;First name: Natalya;Country:Russia;After you will send me of money, to you will give control number, you should send it to me. I shall need also your information (full name, address, city, state, country,). As soon as I shall receive your money here, I shall inform you. And we can speak when we shall meet. I very much love you and very much I miss!!!Oh, my darling, how much I love, how much I need you and all my dreams and thoughts are only about you. It is fantastic!!!You gave me a bright and flowering world of love and happiness. I am immensely grateful to you. My dream is to say to you all the words of love looking at your eyes. And I know that you would tell me the same and we will deep in the sea of our feelings.My beloved xxxx, I want to be you angel and to make you feel like in the skies. Sometimes I think that you are my angel the keeper and you keep me from all the misfortune.With you I understood what means the word LOVE. I understood that it is the feeling when you are ready to devote all your life to a person. And it is really our case.I often think of our meeting and it seems to me to be wonderful. Of course I am a little bit nervous but I am sure that everything will be OK. I feel that we know each other as if we have been communicating for years.I know that well be together because we are a sound couple!I kiss you, my love!!! I kiss you milliard times. How much I want to do it in reality... But I hope that my dream become true!!!Forever yours, Katya!!!!rn rn

# Date: 2009-11-26