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# Name:      Elvira Svetlova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Nizhny Novgorod

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: I very much would like to observe a decline near to you, it for us will be romantic. rnWhen I will arrive to you, we will enjoy together a decline, it after all so?rnMy gentle man John, to me really it is very pleasant, that you are ready to help to collect to me our meeting, our love! This just fine! Now I feel, that you that man who should be only near to me! And I very much hope, that you are ready to help me! My honey, for this purposes what to pay cost of services of agency, me it is necessary only 1237 dollars. Therefore I hope, that it will not be for you a problem as all documents are already ready, and, now it is necessary to pay it only. My darling, I will be very grateful to you if you do it as it is possible soon. As I actually want, as it is possible to be soon with you! rnMy dear, I today I learnt about possibilities and payment variants. For this purpose that you could carry out payment you can translate money to directly me personally, or you can send day to travel agency. But for this purpose, what to pay services through travel agency, itrnis necessary for you to connect with travel agency simply. Therefore you should decide to whom to transfer you money. If you translate money in travel agency you should contact travel agency simply. If you decide to send money to me you simply should will address inrnthe company В«Western UnionВ» or in company "MoneyGram". As these companies the most reliable also are most effective. As I already visited these companies, therefore I wish to inform you that you should know details of my data.rnMy full name: ElvirarnMy full surname: SvetlovarnMy address: Russia, city of Nizhni Novgorod, Mira st. 17, 23rnpost all zip code : 603005rnMy angel, I very much hope, that you will really constrain the word, and will carry out the help for me as it is possible soon! I love you! You hear, you are necessary to me!rn

# Date: 2009-07-16

Hello dear Mr. !
We are very grateful to you that you wish to co-operate with us. It is very
pleasant for us. Yes, really Madam Elvira has problems with fee. As madam Elvira Had problems with payment. Therefore we cannot give out her documents. We hasten to inform you, that documents for arrival of madam Elvira are already ready. Therefore it is necessary to carry out payment only. For this purpose, what madam Elvira, freely received documents. It is necessary to pay only 1237 USD. As to us it is very pleasant, that you wish to help and co-operate with us. Therefore payment makes only 1237 USD. As it not the big sum, therefore we hope, that you can carry out fee for madam Elvira. Therefore if you wish to pay services, you can take advantage of services of our travel agency. Yes, you can translate money, directly madam Elvira. But, so, you can transfer money to our financial employee.
Therefore, if you are really ready to carry out financial support you should inform us when you will carry out it. If you use our company, and you will transfer money addressed to our agent you can translate in the next way.
1. You can translate money, from the bank account, by means of a credit card. It occupies from one about two weeks. Therefore we do not recommend to you to do it.
2. You can translate money. Using translation online. For this purpose you can take advantage of services of such companies as: «the Western Union» or
«MoneyGram». This variant will occupy only one hour.
Therefore we urgently recommend to you to take advantage of the second variant. As documents for arrival to you are already ready. Therefore if you translate money we, will give out documents to madam Elvira, right after that as we will receive payment. That is, right after how payment will be made, we will reserve the ticket for madam Elvira, and in two days after payment, your madam Elvira, will be near to you. Cost of services includes all documents. This all necessary documents (the medical inquiry, the passport for travel abroad, the visa both visa documents, and other documents necessary for arrival) Therefore, now you should make the decision! If you send money you should make it as it is possible soon! We will remind, that the sum which is necessary for payment, makes only 1237 USD. We hope, it will not be a problem for you?!
As we wait for your solving answer. You will send money to us or madam Elvira!? We wait for your fast reply!