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# Name:      Arina Provot

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 27%

# Scam scenarios:   money for travel

# Details: Requesting money before she could leave Russia.

# Date: 2009-03-28

As you will read in the last email, she requested that I send her $1600.00. However, I have been playing this one all along and had absolutely no intentions of sending any money whatsoever.

This is the first email, received 03/03/09,after I replied to her message on the Cute Only website:

Hello my Michael! So it is pleasant to know, that our correspondence has proceeded.

In fact, by means of letters we can know each other better! I for the first time

search to myself for the man on the Internet, and I hope, that we in the future shall

create serious relations! I have been very much interested in your

letter, and with impatience I shall wait new for now I shall write the

letter to you. In the last letter I have very little told about myself. To me of 29 years,

I was born on March, 27th, 1979! My growth makes 167 centimeters, my weight of 62 kgs!

I work the economist, very much to like me this work! I do not have brothers not sisters,

I one in family and consequently I was helped very much by my parents,

and for it I am very grateful to them! My daddy the businessman, at it is 4 shops, and 5 cargo machine.

But I seldom see it, it is always borrowed! My mum does not work!

I very much like to travel to other countries, I was to Chyprus, Turkey, New Zealand!

I am very glad, that you love children, in fact they such beautiful, they our future! I never was married,

not looking that to me 30 years will be already fast! And all my girlfriends already have children,

and to me is very sick, that I do not have favourite person! My parents want grandsons but as

I do not have favourite person I cannot give birth it to grandsons.. I hope,

you understand me as to me it is now lonely! And consequently I search only for serious relations!

Later I shall tell to the parents that has got acquainted with you,

and I shall tell as they have concerned to it. I with impatience shall wait for your letter!

Please answer me soon! I shall miss! Kiss you!


And the second one on the 04/03/09

Hi my dearest Michael.

Many thanks for your letter. It was the

long-awaited letter. I am really madly glad to receive your letter. I

am really glad that I have found you. I feel somewhat lost when I have

no opportunity to use a computer to read your letter. In my soul, I

feel contentment and joy when I think about you. I hope that my words

and letters are not boring to you, but they are much more than mere

words, they are my thoughts and feelings, and I send them out to you.

I have so much that I wish to share with you, and each time I write to

you, I feel there is never enough time to say everything that I want

to say, and I always feel that I have forgotten something important

that I wanted to share with you.

Very much to like me English language and consequently I always learned it!

At university and at school, I had excellent estimations on English language!

I hope, that you understand my English! I like to

be engaged volleyball, fitnes, to float in pool! At leisure I go to

theatres, museums. And also I like to go on discos with the


Yesterday I and my mother cooked the supper and we ate

together. We talked a lot. I told them about you. She liked you very

much. She is glad for us and she hopes, what we shall be fine pair,

you informed me to the relatives and friends? What they think of me?

It is very pity, but already is time to go I do not want it, I want to

write you non stopping, but I can not allow it I shall wait for your

letter with impatience. Write to me as soon as possible, I shall miss

you. Yours Arina.

The 3rd email received on the 05/03/09:

Hello my lovely Michael!!!For me it is always pleasant to receive from you letters.

We should learn each other better and better.

You know likely want to learn as I live as I spend time.

Each day I rise at 7 o'clock in the morning

I accept souls I prepare for breakfast, and in other

that you like for breakfast my lovely Michael?

I prefer to myself fried eggs, I eat and I go on work, at work all time I think of you.

I come from work in the evening and I sit for

the computer to receive and write to you the letter my lovely Michael.

I am already tired to be lonely, but now to me it is little bit better because,

coming with work I go in hope to read your next letter and to

read your warm words.

Likely also it is interesting to you to learn as I present itself

the future husband, for me the most important that it

loved me and respected, if it will not love me I shall feel like unhappy..

I want that all was as in romantic books.

I believe that in our life not that happens casually and

I think that our acquaintance too not casually.

I hope for that that you that which man I so long

searched, I think that you will not allow me of doubt in it.

I hope that you will like my photo which I sends with

this letter. I hope that you will answer quickly.

With impatience I shall wait for your letter Arina

The 4th email received 06/03/09:

Hello my dear Michael!

Many thanks for your letter! I am very happy, that we continue dialogue through letters,

and we find out about each other better! For me it is very pleasant, that you tell to me about

the ideas, about the life! In the beginning our dialogue I did not think,

that we can so well with you to communicate, your letters are always very interesting to me!

Unfortunately I have broken phone, it now on repair!

But you do not experience, when my father will return, it to me will buy new!

And after we can communicate with each other by phone!

Today on work I talked to girlfriends that I have got acquainted with you!

They in the beginning have been surprised, that I have started to search for the

favourite person through the Internet, but I have explained, that you very good person,

and that you very much like me! Are very glad for me, and have wished our of good luck!

My mum and my girlfriends are very glad for me, that I have got acquainted with you, and now I hope,

that we can construct with you serious relations! Certainly, between us it is a lot of kilometers,

but in fact it not a problem, the most important, that we like each other!

I very often have an idea to take all the things and to arrive to you, to meet you,

but I know, that it will be fast! Me already to start to pull to you! Please answer some questions!

How you represent our first day of a meeting?

What shall we make in our first day of a meeting?

I hope, that you will answer my letter very soon! 100000001 kiss you!


The 5th email received 08/03/09:

Hello my dear Michael! My loved by thanks for your letter..

I am very glad, that you want a meeting with me..

I do not wish to be registered on a site which you have given me!

What for it is necessary to me?

As soon as I have read through your letter I descended

in embassy and in travel agency, and have signed the contract,

approximately in 6 days I shall arrive to you..

I have paid money for documents and for the ticket..

So now 100 percent I shall arrive to you..

I hope to you my news has liked.. Only concern to me seriously...

I really hope, that we with you will have serious attitudes..

Only it is necessary to me is necessary to set a pair of questions..

I shall live at you at home or in hotel?

If you to me will allow to live at you a house it will be wonderful..

What closest and best airport in your city? 6 days will fly by very quickly..

I shall arrive to you for 24 days..

I think and I hope, that these days will be very good..

My parents know, that I fly to you.. Also transfer you greetings..

Only write to me letters every day.. .

How you concern to what we shall sleep in one bed?

I shall tell fairly like to sleep naked..

You will show me the city, will introduce to the friends..

I have wanted our meeting because she with you is very necessary for us...

I love you.. I very much want, that 6 days have flown by very quickly..

I am very happy, that have fallen in love with you.. I Wait for your letter..


The 6th email received 09/03/09:

Hello my dear Michael!

I so am glad to know, that with impatience wait for my arrival to you!

For us with you it is very big step, for the beginning serious attitudes!

In fact being together we can understand much better ours with you feelings.

Already approximately in sunday days I can arrive to you

To meet you, to see your house, to look your remarkable city!

My mum has already prepared for gifts for you, she has prepared for pickled mushrooms,

Jam from wild strawberry and strawberries...

I was today in travel agency, and they to me have told, that preparation

Documents goes very well, that no problems will exist!

Thanks for the information about on what approximately me to fly the airport!

I so am happy, that in sunday I shall see you, to a kiss, I shall embrace,

And it is gentle in an ear I shall tell, how strongly I love you!

My feelings to you present, and I hope, that you too very much love me!

About it will be on Sunday

You are very necessary for me, I shall count hours up to our meeting!

24 days lead with you will be very remarkable..

Also do not experience please about my English language,

I can talk on it freely.

I love you all my heart.


Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Oakland (AKL) Airline: bmi british midland Flight: BD896

Departure: March, 13th 2009, 06:30, Domodedovo and/ยป

Arrival: March, 13th 2009, 07:50, Heathrow

Places: Econom a class

<<<<-city of change London (LON)->>>>

Airline: Air New Zealand Flight: NZ38

Departure: March, 13th 2009, 21:05, Heathrow

Arrival: March, 15th 2009, 11:00, Auckland Intl Arpt

Places: Econom a class

Time in a way: 42 h. 30 m.

Then the final email received on the 10/03/09

Hello my lovely Michael!

How at you an affair? What new in your life?

Today in the evening I descended in travel agency to learn as pass preparation documents!

My documents in sunday days will be already ready!

The tourist agent has contacted embassy from Moscow, and they have concluded the contract!

To me have told, that there is a small problem..

In Russia is the law, that if the woman from Russia flies to other country she should have money for a living wage!

It is connected that many Russian the woman leave abroad for love, and them force to be engaged the prostitute!

You about it can learn on the airport, and this law only for Russian women

I knew about this law.. As I flied to other countries and I observed this law..

This money do not leave anywhere, I simply show them on customs house at the airport,

And workers at the airport after check, at once give me in hands my money!

To me should give the daddy of money, but unfortunately it has paid taxes for business,

And he now does not have money!

Loved mine 1600 dollars are necessary to me!

This money do not leave anywhere, I from show on the airport and at an arrival to you

At once I shall give you them in hands!

You to me can the help?

I in fact in sunday days should fly to you...

I do not know what to do...

I have only one output if you will help me..

Later my daddy always will support us with money.

Please find a way out of this a situation..

If at me would be money I would not ask you..

I do not want, that the financial problem became a barrier to our meeting..

I very much love you, and I hope, that you will find an output from this a situation!


Her profile was removed from Cute Only after I started talking to this person (how convenient!). At each stage I asked her for physical address details, phone she refused to give it to me by making excuses (phone broken), didn't want to receive any gifts which I had offered to send her, so needed her address for obvious reasons, but came back and said she would sooner meet me, that would be a better gift.