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# Name:      Viktoriya Alekseeva

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Zelenodolsk

# Seen at:   Meetic of yahoo

# Dangerous: 33%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: This lady has written for me since September, each day, is so sweet and tender. she asked money for International Passport in Russia, later her sent me copy and the ticket of flight, then she asked me money for foods, I sent her 12000$ dollars for all, her couldn??t obtain visa and when got back home from Moscow, was stolen all the money and her did stay in Hospital 7 days but never report stole with police and never sent me medical report, then I found other profile of her as usual NADRYAKA (Marina Nadezdha) from Italy, I asked about this but never said the truth, later sent copy of a New International Passport but its fake.

# Date: 2009-01-28
I search for real love!!!
Informaciones básicas

Tengo interés en:


Moscow , Tatarstan, Rusia

Relación/Romance serio

Altura y peso:
1.70 metros , 53 kilos

Tipo físico:

Yo me considero:

Color de piel:


Liso;Castaño claro;Medio

Presentación Personal
I the sociable, clever and charming girl.
I have sense of humor.
I hate lie and treachery.
But I lonely also want to find right man. Probably it you?

Descripción de su cuerpo
In a few words I'm faithful, honest, caring, kind, and patient and reserved person.
I try to be fair with all.
I think that honesty, the respect and trust is a basis of strong relations.
My character soft. I do not try to go with people on conflicts.
I treat yours faithfully all.
I think that it is necessary to be kinder and then to you will be concern as.
I prefer active style of life and don't like to be bored.
I like reading books and magazines, shopping, flowers, spending time on the open air, cooking.

Datos generales
Mi estado civil:
Soltero(a) solo(a)

Yo vivo:
Vivo solo(a)

Renta mensual:
Abajo 400 dólares

No tengo; No sé si deseo tener hijos

Cristiano - Otros; No practicante

Nivel de educación:
Curso técnico profesional

Habilidad con idiomas :
Inglés; Ruso

Trabajo con:
Salud - Medicina

Soy del signo:

Ejercicios Físicos:
Algunas veces

Bebida Alcohólica:
No bebo

No fumo

Con que frecuencia salgo:
1 vez por semana

Cuando salgo voy:
Museos, Parques, Campo/Granja/Hacienda

Cine, Oír música

Actividad física:
Esquí en la nieve, Natación, Tenis

¿Te gusta ver TV?
Me gusta

Mis estilos favoritos de TV y películas son:
Romance, Documental, Comedía, Biografías, Noticias

¿Te gusta leer?
Me gusta

Estilos de lectura:
Romance, Histórico, Culinaria, Biografía, Clásico

Estilos de música que me gustan:
Clásica, Pop

La mayor parte del tiempo mi visual es:

Mis preferencias gastronómicas:
Comida natural, Ensalada

En relación a los viajes:

Poseo las siguientes mascotas:
No tengo animales

Descripción de la persona que krassavica busca
I search right man which will love me and will care of me.
For me external given men are not important. For me the soul is important.
I search for the man which will be interesting to me. With whom it will be possible to communicate freely on any themes.
My man should be kind, clever, true and fair.

Sobre la persona que krassavica busca

27 a 60

Todos los países

Busco una persona con altura entre:
1.40 y 2.20 metros

Peso ideal de mi pareja:
40 y 300 kilos

El cuerpo de mi pareja debe ser:
Me da igual

Color de piel de mi pareja:
Me da igual

Ojos de mi pareja:
Me da igual

Bebida Alcohólica:
Me da igual

Me da igual

Estado civil de mi pareja:
Me da igual

Vivienda de mi pareja:
Me da igual

Renta mensual mínima de mi pareja:
Me da igual

Nivel mínimo de estudios de mi Pareja:
Me da igual

Signo(s) de mi Pareja:
Me da igual

Pelo de mi pareja
Me da igual

Me da igual

Me da igual

Ejercicios Físicos:
Me da igual

It is very pleasant for me that I interested you.
But I think that will be more convenient to communicate on
I shall wait for your letter.
domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008, 02:06 am
"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto

Hi Hector!!!!!!

I am pleased to read your new letter.
How are you? I'm OK!!!

Last evening I visited my parents. They live in the same city near to me.
I was glad see them.
They too were very happy to see me.
My mum has cooked supper and we had supper in a circle of family.
I informed parents that I have the correspondence with you.
I informed them that to me pleasantly to communicate with you. Parents are very glad for me.
After a supper we for a long time talked.
I for a long time did not see my parents therefore I were glad to hear a lot of new.
At night I have not gone home. I have remained to sleep at parents.

And what are you doing?

I want to speak you that to me pleasant to correspond with you.
I for a long time did not communicate with men as with you now.
Earlier I communicated with men only as with friends.
But now I can freely speak with you and even to be frank.

Sometimes we with the girlfriend walk in park.
There I see many pairs in love. I am some sadly that I cannot go with someone as.
I want that near to me was man with which we could spend time together.
All in this world has second half.
I too want to have second half - love man which will make me happy.
I shall always care of him.
We shall walk; visit together various beautiful places, to go to cinema.

Now in the world is a lot of deceit and treachery.
It is necessary to be cautious in dialogue with people.
Any person which it is good to you can become the enemy tomorrow.
Completely to trust is necessary only those people you very well know.
I already collided with people which deceived me and now I am cautious.
I shall trust completely my love man.
I know you short time but it seems to me that you good man and will not deceive me.
Therefore I want to write to you further.

Have fine day!!!

lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2008, 10:51 am
"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto
"gustavo ivan valdez" <>
El mensaje contiene archivos adjuntos
дпятаяфотка.JPG (113KB)
Hello Hector!!!!!!!!!

How are you? I hope that you have good day and your mood is fine.

I like to receive letters from you.
It is pleasant for me to communicate with you.
We live on distance of many thousand kilometers from each other.
But we have an opportunity to communicate through the Internet.
Sometimes I dream that we with you walk together.
We communicate with each other. You tell to me a ridiculous history and I loudly laugh.
And you too smile looking on me.
And during this moment for us anybody in this world does not exist anymore.
Probably you will laugh and think that it silly.
But I hope that you not will think so and will understand me.
It is my frankness to you.

Today in our city there was a good weather.
I have decided to go on foot from work up to a house. My work is in 20 minutes of walking from a house.
Usually I use by bus.
But when there is a good weather or good mood I go on foot.
During such walks I think about something or simply I dream.

I can write to you about all because I trust you.
The main thing in relations is trust.
I think that people which start to build relations should not hide from each other anything.
They should tell all each other.
There is a Russian proverb " better the bitter truth than sweet lie ".
I completely agree with this proverb.
Impossible to deceive the person using his trust.
It never will finish up to good.
Two persons of love should be fair completely with each other.
The trust and honesty is a pledge of long and strong relations.
You with me agree???

My girlfriend spoke me that for her on the first place there is a career.
And on the second place private life.
Work for her is main thing.
I disagree with her.
For me the family is much more important than career.
I think that all over again is necessary to arrange the private life.
I do not want to put work to the detriment of personal relations.
I want and shall do my love man by the happiest man in the world.
And nothing will prevent me do it.

I finish the letter and shall wait the answer from you.



"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto
"gustavo ivan valdez" <>
El mensaje contiene archivos adjuntos
ешестаяфотка.JPG (150KB)
Hello dear Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad to receive your new letter!
I waited your letter and on my person the smile has appeared when I have seen your letter.
I like to read your letters and to answer them.

To you can seem ridiculous but in the last some days I start to think of you frequently.
When I wake up in the morning that I think you have woken up or still sleep.
I am not sure because I do not know distinction of time between us.
When I am on work that to me becomes interesting than you are engaged at present.
To me interesting as your mood and state of health.
Going to sleep I mentally wish you pleasant dreams.
You become not indifferent for me. To me all is interestingly as to you.
I understand that you the man with which I can share that many things.
We with you could find many the general themes for conversations.

I present as we walk together and talk.
We talk on many themes and we do not notice as there comes evening.
We go by the river and we are stopped observing a decline.
The sun sits also horizon is lit up by orange light.
It so is beautiful what for not transferring words.
We stand, look and we are silent.
My soul is overflown feelings which difficultly to describe.
But the most important that I see all this beauty together with you.
I am very glad to be during this moment near to you.
Such my dreams. I hope that you share my dreams.

I want that near to me was man.
He should be in earnest to me and make all for the sake of me.
He should surround me with love and care.
During long time I was lonely.
Now I want to find my second half.
I really hope that my dreams will be carried out.

Have fine day.
Remember that your letters make me happy.
Write to me as soon as possible.

sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2008, 02:29 am
"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto
"gustavo ivan valdez" <>
El mensaje contiene archivos adjuntos
жседьмаяфотка.JPG (145KB)
Hello my dear Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am happy to see your new letter.
I am glad to read each your letter.
I with impatience wait for news from you.

Today to me on work have told that recently I have changed.
I began to smile is more often and at me always good mood.
It is connected to you. I became such after acquaintance with you.
I am happy that our ways was crossed and in my life you have appeared.
You became for me the good friend and dear man.
The big distance is very a pity that between us.

How has passed your day today? You recollected me?

In the last letter I informed you about my dreams.
I shall be very happy if these dreams will be carried out.
We could have fine evenings together.
At home at candles we could have a romantic supper.
After a supper we could look interesting film.
You would embrace me and we would enjoy film together.
I hope that we can make my dreams by reality.
I hope that sometime it happen. I shall be very happy!!!!!

I think that love this finest feeling in the world.
For love many people make noble acts.
The love changes people in the best side.
When the person is in love that his life changes.
The world seems bright and color.
It would be desirable to make to the favorite person pleasantly. That he was happy.
The love should be mutual. You with me agree?
Only the mutual love makes person completely happy.
It is pleasant to love and be loved simultaneously.
Love will break any barrier on the way.
I think that distance not problem for two loving hearts.
And as soon as we shall decide to be together that I think that we can make it.

Long time I was lonely. I thought that I can not find man.
I wanted to find man which will not deceive me.
Man with which I can speak about all. Even about my feelings.
Now I have found you. I think that you really are such.
I do not hide from you anything.
I hope that you seriously concern to me and to my words.

I have not passport to travel to Mexico.

What do you think of that I have written to you?
I finish my letter and I shall wait news from you.


jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2008, 09:12 am
"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto
"gustavo ivan valdez" <>
El mensaje contiene archivos adjuntos
звосьмаяфотка.JPG (149KB)
Hello my dear Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you? I hope that you have good mood!!!

For that time which we with you communicate I has had time to get used to you.
I already start to love you. I understand that probably it sounds silly.
But heart cannot be deceived.

I very much wait each your letter!!!!
Reading the letter I try to understand each your word.
Sometimes I sometimes re-read your letter that again to read words which you write for me.
I fall asleep and I wake up with ideas concerning you.
It seems to me that you man with which I want to live all life.
I hope that you see in me the girl which loves you.
I very much would like to meet you but I understand that we still more very few time.
But I know that you the good person.

It is not important for me where there will be our first meeting.
I think that if we do not plan to meet that to us is necessary to finish correspondence.
Our meeting is necessary find out each other better.
Only after meeting we find out whether we approach each other.

You trust your love on distance?
I trust if is completely sure that man loves me.
Because I am sure that man which loves me will not deceive me.

What do you think of that I have written?
I wait your answer. I very much hope that you understand me.

viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2008, 07:11 am
"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto
"gustavo ivan valdez" <>
El mensaje contiene archivos adjuntos
идевятаяфотка.JPG (216KB)
Hello my Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I close eyes that I see you near to me.
Two bodies taking place closely to each other.
I want to embrace and kiss you.
I look to you in eyes and our souls are incorporated.
I start to understand that my life means nothing without you.

Today I thought of you all the day.
We became frank with you. I think that we should be together.
I want to demand you and to be with you.
My dreams only about us with you together.
I very much wait day when we meet.

I want to tell you my ideas about our first meeting.
It is not important for me where it will be. Main thing that we can be together.
We can see each other.
We can embrace each other and present each other first our hot kiss.
I think that I shall not want to let out you from my embraces.
My dream wants to see you in the person.
Then we shall go to any romantic place.
We shall have long conversation.
I want that in our first day together we have met a sunset together.
We would observe it having embraced and having nestled to each other if certainly is possible.
I might not depart you on a step. I would be only with you.
Day of our first meeting will be in the happiest afternoon in my life for me.
We shall remember him forever.
I think that such happy days at us will be very much.
I know that that it will be fine.

Then you will include for me romantic music. We shall dance slow dance with you.
We would dance with you and would look each other fool in the face.
We would understand that we the happiest people in the world.
The most important that is all is feasible.
Main thing that we is very strong it wanted. Only then we shall be together.

I constantly think only of you.

Have remarkable day.
I wait for the fast letter from you.
Always your Viktoriya.

domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2008, 08:57 am
"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto
"gustavo ivan valdez" <>
El mensaje contiene archivos adjuntos
кдесятаяфотка.JPG (172KB)
Hello my lovely Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You not against that that I now name you my lovely?
I want now to name you my lovely.

I have remarkable news. I have decided to execute our dreams.

During long time I dream to see you in the person.
I dream to have strong embraces and gentle kisses with you.
I shall try to carry out our dream.
Today I have found out concerning holiday.
I can already take holiday the next month.
I at once have decided how I want to carry out holiday.
I want to carry out holiday in your country together with you.
I want to visit you in a month. It will be the best my holiday!!!!!!!
Because I shall be near to you.

Our meeting will be possible only if you really want it.
I very much want it.
For me your feelings are very serious.
I feel that you the sincere person.
I always listened to my heart. And my heart wants to be near to you
I shall make all to be together with you.
Our meeting in our hands. You with me agree?
I hope that you want to have a meeting.

I think that only our meeting will show sincerity of our feelings.
I very much want it.
It is chance for us with you to be happy. I very much want to use this chance.
I think that everyone can reach an object in view if will make all efforts for achievement.
I hope that we shall do our meeting by the reality.

What do you think of that I today have written to you?
You agree with me?

Kiss you!!!!!!!

Your Viktoriya.
viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2008, 06:20 am
"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto
"gustavo ivan valdez" <>
El mensaje contiene archivos adjuntos
лодиннадцатаяфотка.JPG (234KB)
Hello my lovely Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that you have fine mood.
I very much want to arrive to you and to meet you soon.

Today I represented our first day together.
When I shall arrive to you - you will meet me with a bouquet of red roses.
You embrace me and will passionately kiss!!!!!!
I shall embrace you with such force that nobody can share us.
My eyes will sparkle tenderness and happiness. In your eyes I can read that you love me.

We with you shall walk whole day about city.
You will show me beautiful places in your city.
We shall walk keeping for hands and frequently we shall kiss each other.
In the evening we shall observe a beautiful decline together.

When we shall come home that we shall have a romantic supper at candles.
I shall cook tasty dishes and shall feed you with delicacies.
You will like it.
You will include slow music and we shall dance together.

Then we shall go in a room and have beautiful night together!!!

In the morning I shall bring to you a breakfast in bed and I shall speak: "I love you"!!!!!!!!!!

I very strongly want to meet you in the person.
I want to check up our feelings to each other.
You think we can meet? I am sure that our meeting is possible.
You will help me to arrive to you?
We should meet because we cannot correspond for a long time through e-mail.
Only the meeting in the person will help us find out about each other more.
You agree with me?
I read your letters and I understand that we should be together.
I dream to see you in the person.
I want to execute my dreams and desires. You want it?

I cannot wait for that moment when we can meet each other.
I cannot wait that day when we shall have first conversation, the first embrace and the first kiss.
It will be unforgettable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am grateful to destiny that we have found each other in the big world.
We become the happiest pair!!!

I want to speak you, that I really very seriously I treat our meeting.
And I very much want to arrive to you.
But I do not know, that am necessary for me for this purpose.
But I am ready to find out it.
I know, that in my city there is a travel agency. I want to go there and to find out, that to me it is necessary for arrival to you.
It is sure, that to me will help with agency to find out, that to me it is necessary to arrive to you.
After I shall find out everything, that I shall inform you.
What do you think about it?????

I finish my letter and with alarm I shall wait your answer.
I hope that you share my dreams, ideas and desires.
Also that you will do our meeting real very soon.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Viktoriya.

sábado, 20 de septiembre de 2008, 09:34 am
"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto
"gustavo ivan valdez" <>
El mensaje contiene archivos adjuntos
мдвенадцатаяфотка.JPG (209KB)
Hello my love Hector!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad to answer your letter.

Today I went to travel agency.
In travel agency with me were polite.
The employee of travel agency has explained to me all that me interested.
I have found out how I can arrive to you.

First it is necessary for me to issue the international passport. It will be made out ten days.

For me will be necessary to pass full medical inspection and to receive the information on my health.
I can pass this inspection in hospital of Zelenodolsk.

After that for me will be necessary to receive the insurance medical policy.
The policy will be necessary if I suddenly shall be ill when I shall be in your country.
In our city there is international insurance firm " Ingosstrah ". I can receive the policy in this firm.

When these documents will be ready travel agency will be send documents in embassy to Moscow for registration of the visa.

Visa is main document that me have started up in your country.
Without the visa I cannot arrive to you.

I can legalize all papers and arrive to you.

For registration of all necessary documents is required three weeks.
In three weeks we can be together.
To start to make visa to me is necessary to bring documents and to pay all charges connected with official registration of papers.
Cost of international passport 107 Euro.
Cost of medical inspection 54 Euro.
Cost of the medical policy 92 Euro.
Cost of the visa 78 Euro.
Cost of tickets up to Moscow 63 Euro.
For services the travel agency will take only 32 Euro.
Total cost of all charges 426 Euro.

I have been very much upset when have found out cost.
It is very big money for me.
But I very much want to see you in the near future.
I very much suffer that I can not pay all charges itself.
You can help me to pay charges connected to reception of visa?
I hope that you can help me really.

You want to see me in three weeks? I very much want to see you.
You will help me?

I with hope shall wait your next letter. I hope that you will justify my reliable.

Loving you Viktoriya.

martes, 23 de septiembre de 2008, 06:43 am
"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto
"gustavo ivan valdez" <>
Hi my love Hector!!!

I am again happy to see your letter.

I have read it and again began to understand that you are the sole man in my life.
Which can understand me and support in difficult situations.
Like any other woman I dream to have my own family, honest, loyal and reliable husband to care for and to help him about everything;
children to foster; home to keep and tide up, etc.

What did you do today???
How has passed your day???

I today had a difficult day on work.
Today many people have come to hospital.
But very much was delighted when has seen that you have written to me the letter.
To me it is very pleasant that you never forget to answer my letters.

I with impatience wait for that time when we can will meet.
I wait when you can help me.

Love you, Viktoriya.
sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2008, 03:12 am
"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto
"gustavo ivan valdez" <>
Hello my love Hector!!!
I am very pleased to receive from you a letter. I was waiting for his looks,
and now I am happy to read it.
My favorite, as is it going? How is your mood today?
I hope that you have all the good that you had a great time.
This morning I thought about you. As well stand early in the morning
and think about you. I went into the bath, and I had a dream, as we are with
you love doing in the bathroom. You fondle me, we do love you in the bathroom,
you gently tseluesh me. I want to be with you, I want to engage with you love,
I love you very much.
Every minute, every second, I think about you, I think about you. And this is a
wonderful feeling, I am very pleased that you, I have. I am pleased that we
will be together with you, let not now, but soon we meet and we will never part.
I understand all the difficulties with money, and I am ready to wait for the day
when we have to meet with you and will be together.
Today I read your letter, there was all that I wanted to hear from you. It just
struck me to the depth of my soul. I want you now was next to me.
Yes, I will repeat it constantly! You have occupied in my life the most important
and central role, I can not think of you. Continuing in the head vertical just one
name and one image. You me constantly snishsya and prosypayas morning I try to find
you next to me, and then realize that you are very far away, and I became so bad,
I miss you, without constantly. Honey, if it were not for you, I do not know that
I did then. I love you, although mere words do not refer you to my one
in the world, and I want to be with you and only you.
I realized that I love you! I love so pure and innocent as they like in a
fairy tale. I have always dreamed vlyubitsya once in a lifetime and will forever,
I ignored the feelings of others who wanted to be with me, simply to protect their
feelings for one single, and God made me happy, I am proud to say - you, my love!
Not enough for all the world of words to describe my feelings to you, they just
clean and vulnerable. I love you all, every part of your body and soul, like all
of your advantages and disadvantages. I will always love you my darling,
I will always beside you, I will help you and will always care about you.
You gave me faith in the joy and sincerity, kindness and respect. You taught
me to love and love with dignity, as in my dreams and to be loved.
My heart forever yours, you took it and it will always be with you, my beloved.
The life of mine, because I miss you, you, my dearest people in the world,
my wonderful, but I kneeling in front of you - I ask, be with me next.
My soul, every day I think about you, you live. Every minute, I will dwell
in your voice, your careful hands and strong mind, your happy smile,
prance - I love you, my lion, I am always ready to repeat those words.
Remember always - you my very own close, dear and most beloved people.
You are my friend, brother, my love and my whole life.
At the same time, I finish my letter. Write me, I will be eagerly waiting for
a letter from you.

To me it is necessary only 426 euro to make the visa???
You can help me with 426 euro???

Love, miss, tenderly and passionately whole you.
Your Viktoriya.
martes, 30 de septiembre de 2008, 08:04 am
"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto
"gustavo ivan valdez" <>
El mensaje contiene archivos adjuntos
passport.jpg (84KB)
Hi my lovely Hector!!!!

I was very glad to receive your answer.

I send you a copy of my passport.

At me all is good also I hope that at you too all well.
And you have fine mood.
I know that in my city is Western Union.
In your city is Western Union??? But I did not know as it operate.
Today in evening after I read your message I came in bank to find out as it am done.
I very much was delighted that I had time before closing bank.
Of bank of me have assured,
that this campaign the most effective and successful in system remittances.
And all is very simple. To carry out transfer money,
it is necessary for you to know my first name and my last name. And as my address.
I should know almost the same, only it is little bit more.
Yours first name, last name, the full address, and the sum transfer money.
And as ten-character control number transfer money.
To me have told that it refers to as MTSN.
Or something on this similar if I am fair has not remembered it precisely.
It to receive yours translation.

My data:

My first name: Viktoriya

My last name: Alekseeva

My address: Russia, Tatarstan, Zelenodolsk, Sovetskaya street 10, apartment 65

My city is Zelenodolsk.

Inform me when you can do it?
As soon as I shall receive money, I shall begin to legalize papers to arrive to you.
I think that we with you shall lead fine time.

I shall look forward to hearing from you to me.
With love your Viktoriya.

lunes, 6 de octubre de 2008, 12:43 am
"" <>
Ver detalles del contacto
"gustavo ivan valdez" <>
Hello my love Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you???

You speak that with me happens.
With me all is good, you speak that my letters have changed a little.
It probably because all over again I thought you to me will help, that you very much want that I have arrived to you.
But now at me will not is feeling that you to help me and do not want that I was near to you.

I do not understand about what passport ав‹ to me speak.
I have "Passport of the citizen of Russia" its copy I to you has sent.
You understand it???

And to arrive to you to me it is necessary to have "International passport"
At мен there is no such passport.
You understand it???

And now to arrive to you to me it is necessary to make this passport, the visa still more some documents.
You understand it???

I with impatience look forward to hearing from you.

Love you, Viktoriya.
jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008, 07:38 am
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Hello my fine Hector!!!!!!!!!!

Your words as if a warm downpour which gives a life to a bright red rose which lives only pending your letters.
I so am glad, that you give me so much attention without which me to not live any more.
I to color as a fine rose in your gentle hands, and I feel a flame of your passionate lips.
You give pleasure to my soul, and you own this soul.
Your words always find a way to my heart which wishes to touch you
My day today again joyful and light. Your words please me and give to me pleasure.
Look in the windows and look, as the infinite sky gives to us today the dazzling sun and pleasure.
My soul is filled with his magic light, and light of hope and inspiration gives to me new fine sensations.
The infinite sea of fires and caress, the boundless sea of rest and bright paints of the love
which has sunk in this sea which with a gentle rain falls on your fine head,
embraces your body tired of terrestrial cares.
The wind will carry away clouds and a rain, but love and tenderness remain in your soul and
when will not leave it to please you always. The sky covers us a warm blanket of trust and hope,
the sky carries away our grief in a distance, there, where the ocean of light breaks all shadows,
and the world shines magic fire, and we shall bathe on this fire, and gold shine of pleasure
when will not leave from our leather. Inhale this air which was filled with aroma of a years rain
and a furious thunder-storm which has broken this sky, and his magic pieces I could catch the hands,
I have collected them for you that you could bring to the house and in your house more when there will be
no the darkness eating warmly and hope of our hearts.
And I asked the sky that it has transferred you whisper of my heart, my pleasure and good mood.
I have asked a wind that it has sent to you clouds in which all tenderness and passion of the boundless sky is stored,
and I have kissed a wind that it could transfer you this kiss of my gentle l
ips which have told to you about my light day. And I hope, that my light and beautiful day becomes your
day in which for you any more there will be no grief and pains.

I spoke you that to me to arrive to you to me it is necessary now 426 euros.
You to me can help me???
I want to arrive to you for all life, I want to lead all life with you.

Accept my pleasure and a kiss.
Your fine lady Viktoriya.
sábado, 11 de octubre de 2008, 02:00 am
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Hello my dear Hector!!!!!!!!

How are your affairs? How is your mood? As time passed today?
I do miss. I do want to be next to you. Being in the arms of your strong hands of the brave!
I wish that you would have kissed me. What would say all those beautiful words that you write to me in letters.
I know that you share kilometers far from us, but sometimes I wake every morning and I think that you are somewhere near.
You're in my heart and soul! And I know that soon I will not wake up one.
I will wake up together with you, in your embrace and from your Potseluia. I very much want this!
I await your mngnoveniya when I prilechu to you and you meet me.
I love you! I love you so much!

Means that you do not wish to communicate with me more,
You do not want that I have arrived to you.

Exact you in your tender lips!

Your angel Viktoriya.
sábado, 25 de octubre de 2008, 02:45 am
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Hello my love Hector!!!!!!!

How are you???
What do you do???

Today Saturday - the day off.
I today shall shall spend one houses.
I all the day long think of you.

In the street good weather, also can be in the evening I shall go
To take a walk with my girlfriend.

My lovele, I so want to be with you!!!
I want to watch TV together with you!!!
I want to walk together with you!!!
I want to be always with you!!!
I love you!!!

Tell to me that you will do in the weekend???

Your Viktoriya.
domingo, 26 de octubre de 2008, 10:01 pm
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Hello my love Hector!!!!!!!!

How are you???

What do you do???

I'm fine.

I want to share with you about my dreams.

I very much frequently think of the future.
Probably each woman reflects on it early or late.
I very much would like to find in this life the present love, complete tendernesses, by passion and human care.
Unfortunately now in Russia it is not easy to find
The suitable companion of life.
I very much would like, that in my life I would appear the man with which could to create happy family and to have children.
The man, to which I could trust most secret.
The man for the sake of which be necessary to live.
The future is represented to me as that that very good and kind.

I hope that all my dreams will come true.
I think that we together carry out our dreams.

Love you, Viktoriya.
martes, 28 de octubre de 2008, 08:25 am
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Hello my love Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you???
What do you do???

Today at me in city very good weather.
The sun shines all the day long.
Temperature approximately 30 degrees,
It very hot.

At me today very good mood.
I weigh day I think of you.

Today on road for work I have met
The girlfriend.
We with it earlier together went to school.
We for a long time did not see.
We had good conversation.

Tell to me as pass your days.
What did you do???

Love you, Viktoriya.
viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008, 07:51 am
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Hello my love Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you???

I love you!!!!!!!!
You know when I read your letters my heart begin to beat fastly and more strongly.
It feels heat and tenderness. You know I never tested anything similar and sometimes begin to think that I fall in love with you.

Tell to me about that when you cooking.
You be able to cook for a tasty meal???

I am always cooking when I come from work.
For me it is not difficult to do it. Even it is pleasant to me.
I am able to cooking for various products and at me it well turns out.
Sometimes in weekend, when I am on a visit at parents.
I cook for supper for my parents.
My mum is proud of that that I cook for supper.
When we shall be together with you that I shall cook meal always for you.

I like to cook and at me it well turns out.
I like when the meal is prepared with soul,
And because of it it becomes even more tasty.

Tell to me about meal which you love.
Tell to me, you frequently cook???
Do you like cooking???

Your Viktoriya.
sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2008, 01:54 am
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Hello my love Hector!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you???

Thanks for your letter.
Thanks for your letter, I like to read your opinion
about my letters.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!
I very strongly miss without you.
I very strongly want to see you.

My religion - christianity.
I ем everything, I do not adhere always to the same meal.

I feel your connection of passion with mine, and we are engaged
love with strong passion. I know, that I can be all man,
which you will require ever in this life.
I can be your best friend and your fan beloved.
I shall give you all freedom to make regardless of the
fact that you to want.

I dream as you will carry me on hands, to kiss and to hug my gentle body.

Your Viktoriya.
martes, 4 de noviembre de 2008, 02:29 am
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Hello my love Hector!!!!!!!!!!

How are you???
What do you do???

In the future I wish to be with you.
All my plans are connected only with you.

I want to tell to you about my education.
I have finished school in my city when to me was 18 years.
After that I have arrived in college on a speciality the nurse.
The college is in my city.
I was trained in college 4 years.
I have finished him when to me was 22 years.
Unfortunately I could be employed on my speciality.
I have found work in city hospital.
Now I like my work, I like to help sick people.
I think what to work the nurse is the big responsibility.
I think that people require me also I help them.

I would like, to you know, I love you strong love! With each passing day,
you increasingly need me. And I am sure that you know that and feel.
Feelings can overwhelm me every day more and more.
I love every day stronger and stronger all, although it seems more
simply nowhere.

A love thy makes me perform miracles. Twohy such a strong love,
sincere and that helps to overcome any problems-because you love me.
At this, I conclude my letter. Write me, I will be eagerly waiting
a letter from you.

Love you, Viktoriya.
sábado, 8 de noviembre de 2008, 08:20 am
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Hello my lovely Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very happy to received one more message from you.
I like to reed your letters.

426 euro (670 $ USA) is cost of all documents to arrive to you.
I with impatience wait when you can help me.

How are you???
Than you are engaged???

Do you like to watch films???
Tell to me, about your preferences.

I like various films.
I love to look films about love, comedies, fantasy.
I love films Titanik, Star Wars, Green mile, Matrix.
I not so love hits, where show stages of violence.
From transfers I love to look the programs about an animal, nature, comic transfers.
The Russian TV has not so many channels.
In Russia very seldom show the American shows.

How has passed your day???

Love you, Viktoriya.
domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008, 10:16 am
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Hello my love Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your letter.
Your letters always cheer me up.
I like to read them, I re-read your letters on some times.

I'm fine.
Today very good day.
At us in city excellent weather.

How you think, what character at me???
It is very important for me to hear your opinion on it.

What about my character I think нou have learned it yourself during our communication.
In a few words I'm faithful, honest, caring, kind, patient and reserved person.
I try to be fair with all.
I think that honesty, the respect and trust is a basis of strong relations.
My character soft. I do not try to go with people on conflicts.
I treat yours faithfully all.
I think that it is necessary to be kinder and then to you will be concern as.
I prefer active style of life and don't like to be bored.
I like reading books and magazines, shopping, flowers, spending time on the open air, cooking.

I understand that to me нужено to receive the visa.
It is necessary for me for this purpose 670 $ USA.
The travel agency will make for me the international passport, the visa
Still more some documents to arrive to you.
They cooperate with many embassies.
The most important to pay 670 $ USA.
You understand it???

What do you think???

Love you, Viktoriya.
martes, 11 de noviembre de 2008, 07:47 am
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Hello my lovely Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very glad to receive your letter.
I am very grateful for that that you have sent money.
But I could not take away your money.
I went to bank and to me have told, that you have incorrectly written my name and a surname.
I have checked up the form which you have sent me.
And I think that a mistake in that that you have written.
Viktoriya Alekseeva XXX.

What means XXX???
If there there should be my patronymic correct please.
My patronymic Vyacheslavovna.

Make it please faster.

With love, Viktoriya.
miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008, 06:23 am
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Hello my fine angel Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I could receive your money.
I am very glad to this, big to you thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I today went to travel agency and began to make all documents.
To me have told that all will be ready on December, 3.
On December, 3 will all my documents are ready.

You the most favourite and most desired person on all light!!!!
I dream what to look in your person.
That we would appear face to face. Eyes in eyes.
Till now I was one on all white light, but you now have appeared!!!
The m became for me to the strongest, loved, fine and lovely!!!
Attachment to you has grown somehow suddenly, unexpectedly,
but for this time became such insuperable, that I any more do not understand,
how could do without this love earlier.
I want to be with you. I know that near to you,
I shall enjoy a heat, safety, reliability of your hands!!!!!!!
I know that with you I shall be happy.
Also I would shall make all that you were happy with me!!!
I love you, my fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For ever yours Viktoriya.

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