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# Original Report:  here

# Name:      Kristina Kirsanova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Simferopol

# Phone:    0652 297 240

# Dangerous: 41%

# Details: Hi my name is jamie patterson, i live in Australia, i have been in correspondence with a girl called kristina kirsanova, date of birth 6/12/1980.This girl had asked for money at different times to help her until i arrived.She became impatient so i paid for her passport, and to apply for holiday visa ,for her to come to Australia, when her visa was refused, she became very nasty, and told me that she did not care and that she was going to spain or turkey.I had been writing to her for six months, i will contact the Australian embassy in moscow and inform them, as well as the spain embassy in ukraine.Or she mentioned she may go to turkey.Her home address is STR.Chongarskaya, 399 5004, simferopol, crimea, ukraine, phone number, 38 0652 297 240. Kind regards jamie patterson.

# Date: 2005-02-18

----- Original Message -----
From: Kristina
To: jamie patterson
Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 12:52 AM


Subject: Re: Hi

You ask me what I'd like doing???I reply what nothing, I tired about all, I have depressia, I am yang girl, why I must have so crazy life, I lonely and you too like my mother dont understand me. What I can receive in my country, only ill and nothing else. You firstly tell me bad things about me and after you tell me what all ok?/?I tired about it. Are you really think what you are so clever and what you know all about Ukraine?You dont know our laws very well, in Ukraine peoples like animals, you dont know it. You dont know what all peoples who sit in Ukranian government they are all thiefs. I tired like you always dont believe me. You must firstly tell me and after write your mine.Stop be silly, open eyes, try be understanding person.

Oh, I see you worry???I know girls who worked in Spain and receive good money for work with children, not sex. And you write what you know all in this universal, but just remember what you live in Australia it is far from Europe, and I am not stupid girl, I am live in Europe, and I better than you know situation in my country in Europe.

And I am earlier told to you what I am worry about visa, but you dont listen me, you only know what Jamie know all about all, I knew what I am not receive this visa. All peoples in my country tell what it is hard receive visa to Australia, but only Jamie tell what all be fine and very fine. Are you sure what Olga not scarm?????Are you really believe her???It is her work and she too need money and she tell you different crazy offers. Please be more seriously. And my mother tell you best wishes from hospital. And I hope you take your unfair words away???Are you so nervouse person?May be you need relax more than I am?And I wanted go to Spain only fore some work, receive good money for good job. I tired understand only you, I always try understand you but you dont try understand me. You more older than I am and you must be more understanding. And nothing terrorists in Spain not, my friend Ira has her farther in Spain, and when she was in Spain she will be happy, and now it is calm country, I'd liked live in Australia with you. And I must go to Spain not on holliday, I want work and have money. Because I tired work 11 hours where around drunmen and receive for 10 days only 10 $, ealier when was warmer I receive 15$. So tell me please what I can buy on this money?Because I hour in internet 6 griven( 1$=5,3 grivni), I must now cook for my mother, we must sell the house, it will cost 15 000$, so we will receive on flat only 5000$, do you know how cost flat in Ukraine?If you dont believe me you can check up this datas, flat with 2 room cost 9 000$, yes we can buy flat in vilage some km from Simferopol, but how my moher will have customers??She dont know how many time she spent in Ukraine.So we too like you will sell more things and yesterday she tell me, what she sorry, but she cant give me money when she return from hospital. So may be now you understand what I tell you about spain normal things, because I have not another way, I cant work by economist, because I never understand this occupation in University, but work in bar or night club it is very small money.
Well, I finish this letter

----- Original Message -----
From: Kristina
To: jamie patterson
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 9:34 PM


Subject: Re: Hi

And yes my aunt say what you call me,and tell me please your notunderstanding, your bad words to me is it your love??????Know my love, but I have another senses to you, I really love you and open my heart to you, so I understand what love it is very bad thing, I tell you truth but you make me so badly, you tell me what I lie, are you sure in your words????You big egoist, you are listen and believe only yourself, why you always tell me what you you start write to another girls?????So my love, if tomorrow you say me really goodbye, I give computer to Jenya tomorrow, and I will never else use internet, I understand, I made big mistake, I thought what you are understand me, but my Jamie see only Jamie. Kristina it is thing, it is nice doll, which Jamie tell thing about love and this doll, like stupid believe and hope in this.But Jamie, this doll have heart, and good heart, but heart can stop and die forever.
When I was yanger I did not know what is love and life for me was more easy, I was fun girl. But now love make me so badly, my love became like hell, because you always when you dont want understand me, you make me badly, very badly. And I am dont lie to you, never, I only tell you truth. I am wark more time and very tired, because around many drunkmen, and I always affraid go to the home, and when I return to home, I am walking and it is take me more time, because I econom money, and dont use transport. I stop smoke because I have not free money, I have not relax, I always run run run, I must visit my mother in hospital, my grandmother, I am two dayscant good sleep, I became very nervouse and all this problems I keep in my heart, because I dont know whom tell about it. I am lonely in Simferopol, my mother cant give me money because she cant work in hospital. I know it is only my problems, not yours. Well, Jamie, yes, my love realy sense to you, but I dont know what will be. I very tired, I wait your reply, please write me really your senses. Because tomorrow will decide our future.Tell me what you want from me?Why you make me badly, why you dont believe me, and firstly you must learn understand someone, not only you. But I can say you what nobody else will love you like I am.
Doll Kristy

----- Original Message -----
From: jamie patterson
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 2:27 PM


Subject: Hi

Hi kristina, i spoke with your mother, she is not in hospital as you told me, instead she is at home, why did you lie to me about her being in hospital, please ask your mother, as i spoke with her on the phone, so instead you are going out having fun instead?

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