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# Name:      Vlada Cherkasova

# E-mail: d_o_v_e20

# Address:  Ukraine , Odessa

# Dangerous: 100%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: unscrupulous dating scam, money scam, pathologic liar and betrayer

# Date: 2008-04-06

Chronologic order of events:

October 5, 2007 I arrived in Odessa to meet a correspondent. When I called her interpreter I heard the lady canceled the meeting. Her agency “Odessica” offered a meeting for free and sent 17 profiles. I returned 5 serious made chooses and 1 nice girl as I liked her appearance. October 6, 2007 I was called by interpreter Maria Ivanona (Masha), she asked if I wanted to meet with Vlada, the youngest. Masha appeared in Londonskaya hotel first. When I suggested it was just a favor from the agency, she did very much to convince me that Vlada was “maybe even the most serious woman in the agency”. She claimed Vlada made the conscious chose to meet me as she liked my profile very much! However in Vlada’s letter from March 31, 2008 I discover another lecture: she was just called by the agent asking her if she wanted to meet a man from Netherlands, that’s all. So the scam possibly is close cooperation between the two.

The discussion was at an unexpected level and Vlada wanted to meet again next day. That day the scam operation started. That meeting was unexpected close, Vlada was ‘in love’ and soon Masha said Vlada wanted to talk intimate with me, without interpreter, but she needed to learn English first. The course was $150 for three months and then she could speak with me. Vlada was sad I had to go to Poltava. But I promised to come back in three weeks. Then she claimed maybe in three weeks she could speak some English already! She provided me with ‘her’ home address: Dobrovolskaya 102/149. Recently it seems to be the address of one of the Privatbank offices in Odessa! Before departing to Poltava I gave her 1000 Hryvnia to start with the course. However it seemed both of us were fallen in love.

Once in Poltava I decided to cancel all other meetings in Ukraine and went back to Odessa on October 12. I stayed until 28 in the New Black Sea hotel. Pantelimonsky. Vlada was very tender and glad. Unfortunately the course first started November 1. All the time we needed Masha ($15/hour). Masha joined us and I had to pay for all her dinners and entrances also.

Of and on Masha said life was difficult for Vlada as she lives with her sister only. Mother died years ago and father married another woman. Twice she begged for money for telephone and once for a dress. Suddenly also she needed books in addition for the course. She did not wanted to buy the dress with me as it was a special offer in a shop close to her house (she claimed it was 1 hour driving with a taxi / 100 – 120 Hryvnia time after time). Now the black leather dress she showed me at Wednesday October 17 is the same she wears on a photo that appeared at the site on January 16! She sent me one of the photos of the bikini series. The photo contains camera info: it was taken August 20, 2005 with a Nikon D200. Supposing all photos were taken in one session, she owned that dress already or else if the photo session was later, she considered me not my partner as she claimed! In both cases I am convinced it’s additional evidence of scam.

October 28, at the airport Vlada cried and wanted to go with me. Meanwhile Masha asked for more money, else the taxi driver should not wait any longer. Back in Netherlands Masha kept contact saying she needed to create a new mail address for Vlada (but I mailed Vlada from Poltava to Maria’s s address…) Masha wrote Vlada was missing so much for me. Bit it took 2 weeks before the first mail arrived: November 11. In that mail soon Vlada complaint about the coming winter, need for a coat etc. She asked for support. I replied angry and told it is no use in my country to support someone who’s not your partner really. Then she claimed to be my partner! In my turn I asked two helpdesks fro advice and both answered if a woman considers you to be her partner it’s rather normal to support her.

Because we had an appointment that she should come to Netherlands when she speaks English after three months, and she considered us to be partners, I decided to send her money.
It was November 28. At March 27 I discovered it was the same day she answered the first letter from Wayne Barnes USA. He sent me all their correspondence. In letters to him she claimed to be virgin and told she wanted to learn English, a course would cost $350 for half a year. In Odessa she told me that she had a friend for four years and first sex at the age of 16.

December 12 she sent me a letter about a stolen telephone. The same letter was sent to Wayne December 14. She kept complaining and wrote she could not know if I had written her and she wanted to send sexy sms every day. Again I did send her money. In the meantime I asked why she did not delete her profile as she said in Odessa. Well it was that strange people at the agency wanting to keep it for another month…

In the next section I add her correspondence with me mainly (and some to Wayne) and comments.
Selection of letters, the whole correspondence is over 120 letters (> 80 from me often 1 or 2 pages)

first e-mail from Vlada after depart (28-10-2008) from Odessa:

11-11-2007 Hello my love!!!! I have to apologise hundred times for not writing to you for so long!! I am so sorry!! I was extremely busy in my university and of course courses! They take so much of my time!!! I am trying my best! It is very, very difficult but I believe in our happy future and it gives me more life power!! I have so less sleep, no rest!! I hope may be soon I will have a little rest! Just dreaming to see your positive and lovely face again!! It was so great to spend all those days with you!! You can't even imagine how much I miss you dear!! I hope you too!! I look at our picture everyday and I dream about our future together!! In family everything is not bad but I have huge problems with money now!! I don't even have an opportunity to buy winter shoes for myself!!! William my love it is so embarrassing for me to ask you, but if you can help me with money! I am so sad about this! I don't want to push on you and make problems for you! But some financial help from you will be a rescue right now for me!! May be you can send me some money!! I am so tired of this all!! I want so much to stay with you and forget about all these problems!! Miss you a great deal and kiss you tenderly))) Your Vladushka

I refused to send money

12-11-2007 Hello y dear William!!! I am sorry for writing you about my problems in life! I promise I will never tell you something bad that is with me! I just thought that we are a very strong and united couple and we can share with each other with all happy moments and sad too.... May be I am wrong! But I can of course understand that you are not used to be responsible for someone...but I think from the moment we decided to build our lives together it is normal that man support his woman! Especially if she is not very good material situation! Of course you know my relation to you!! I was very special in choosing you to be my partner, and agree that I am making a big step in my life! I will be with the man who is three times older than me...Well yes this is a big responsibility for you and for me big step! I just want you to understand that I do not want to ask you for something, but if you decided to be with is not so difficult to try to help me! I hope you understand! If you will is to pity that you will let your little girl to live without anything in her pocket! And I will answer how I did live before you! As you noticed I look good! I had very good boyfriend for a very long time ad I broke up with him half a year ago, he supported all my life and gave me money for all my needs...but I found out that he was lying to me and I broke up with him!! I think it is pretty normal for man to support his woman! I guess everything I wrote to you is quite understandable!! I miss you very much and I don't want to speak about this once again! If you want-help, if no-let's close this topic!! With love in my heart to William

I asked agency for advice, they replied if she is my partner it should be normal

13-11-2007 Hello sweety)) I miss you so much (((((( I am almost ready to scream!!! I don't really understand what you want me to do!! As I understood you created me a mail address, but there my name is written incorrect! My surname is Cherkasova not Cherbasova))) I don't have bank account yet! But today I went to the bank and asked them to create a bank account for me! The card will be ready in some days! And that you will be able to send money on it! It is very easy! Darling thank you so much for your kindness)) You are so sweet baby!!! I want to kiss you!!!!

13-11-2007 Hi again)))) Ok dear here is my postcode address 65025. Huge kisses to you!!!

I send her my complaint that her profile was still active despite her promise to delete it!

14-11-2007 Hello my love!!!!! Ok I entered that site and I've seen there the balance is zero!! Now I have one question...What I should do next with this? Where I will take money from? And EURO will be impossible for my bank account as the Visa card Is made only for dollars!!??????? I am so really tired of this all!((((((( Baby I need you so much near me in such a difficult time!!! Loving you.......
Your little Vladachka
P.S. Please leave the agency alone!! Everything is special there, and one person asked me not to delete my profile from it right now, but through a month! I want to agree, please stop that! I don't correspond with anyone! I have no men beside you! I need only you in my life!!!!!!! ***EVIDENCE***


Nov. 26 Hello dear Wayne!! Thank you very much for your very impressive letter!! I like you very much!! You seem to be very interesting and intelligent person! I think that between two loving people should be always respect and understanding! And even when somebody is nervous or just upset, another should help him support and try to make each other’s life more calm and easy! In relationships people need to have patience, care, and of course sense of humor! I think the man and my future husband should be strong, confident, generous, caring. I want to be his beautiful and tender wife! I want to take care of my husband children and family! I want to find understanding want to be the best for my soul mate! But in the same time I want him to be the best for me!) I will tell you a little bit about myself! I’m studying at the university on the third course “Literature” faculty. I like different types of music classic, R&B, pop…As to the movies, I like to go to the cinema very much! Mostly I like comedies and thrillers. What about you? Also I like to dance very much ! I take strip dance courses)
I can tell you that I am intelligent, sociable, many-sided, honest and positive person. I have many goals in my life and I’m trying to reach them. Also I want to be independent, and to build my happy life. I like to laugh a lot and to make jokes. But sometimes I can be very serious, when it touches my family and friends. Besides I like to travel very much and my dream is to visit as many new places in the world as possible. For now I’ve visited Spain, Hungary, Poland and Carpathian mountains (I like to ski very much). I live in the most wonderful city Odessa. I think that if we’ll like each other than we can meet here in Odessa and know each other more closely. I promise to be the best guide for you!! I think we can continue this topic in our next letters) You asked me about my opinion of the age difference!
Well, I should say that love doesn't know age! If you feel something special to your partner you just don't look at his age at all!! To my mind the most important are your feelings and the age is something on the third stage! If you have questions to me, I’ll be very glad to give you true answers! Wish you all the Best Take care! Vlada

26-11-2007 Hello my sweet funny William!!! I love you and your great letters!! They always dive me so much power and good mood!!! I miss very much our time together!! It was extremely funny!! All our dances and everything!! I want to play with you!)) Do you remember how much I love to play!!! Baby I hope everything is ok with you! Please kiss Nico from me!!! And please tell him that we will be the best friends and I will learn how to ride him!)Now I am really full of hopes and I believe in our bright future!! My love I finally received my bank card! Right now I will write you it's number! But please explain me what I have to do with it! Ok?? Number is 4149 6050 5016 2585 VLADYSLAVA CHERKASOVA Honey I am waiting for your answer!! Kisses for my William!!!

27-11-2007 My lovely and dearest William!!!! I am so, so, so, so glad that everything is ok!! I hug you very, very tight!!! You are my favourite teddy-bear!!))))Love you)))))))!!!!!!!! Dear! I will write you everything they gave me in the bank! BENEFICIARY CHERKASOVA VLADYSLAVA ACCOUNT 26251610844497 BANK OF BENEFICIARY PRIVATBANK ADRESS OF IT DNEPROPETROVSK,UKRAINE S.W.I.F.T PBAN UA 2X INTERMEDIARY BANK J.M. MORGAN CHASE BANK,NEW YORK S.W.I.F.T CHASUS33 ADRESS OF THE INTERMEDIARY BANK BROOKLYN,N.Y.,11245,USA,4CHASE METROTECH CENTER 7TH FLOOR CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT 001-1-000080 I AM WAITING FOR YOUR ANSWER HOMEY!! I DON'T EVEN HAVE WORDS HOW TO THANK YOU!!!!

Nov. 28 Hello my dear Wayne!! Well, I have to admit that I was waiting for your reply and I was very glad when I received it!! Thank you dear for it! It is very interesting!! To tell the truth, I don't care about the age difference!! It is nothing for me!! If two people love each othe and feel comfortable, why not? Who will judge us dear? Strip dance is a kind of sensual woman dance! Don’t think anything bad about it! It's just my hobby! I like to dance and feel sensual! I just want to be the best in all ways for my future marriage! I want to be the best wife! I can tell you that I cook very good and I can do everything about the house!! I have to say the truth, I am virgin! Because I want to be clean for my husband! I want him to teach me everything he likes!! I think this is good!! Well I will be waiting for your letter with big impatience! Kisses Vlada

28-11-2007 My sun, my air, my Earth!! William I can tell only one thing now! YOU ARE A MAN OF MY DREANS! Now I understand that it is all was just a destiny, and we can't run from it!! Sometimes we have to follow it! Well, my dear I can congratulate you! You are my prince and I want you to be only mine forever! P.S. Thank you that you are making my life bright and full of this wonderful feeling!! With love Vladachka

Nov. 30
Wayne, my dear! I liked this letter very much!! You are very open and you know what you want! It is just great!! I like such people! Also I can see that we have a lot in common!)) So may be it is really you dear)) OK! Your answers)) I have a friend, very good one! We know each other for 3 years already! And one day we went to the beach and there was no people and she took that picture of me)) I just dream to learn English, but I have no money for it! It cost about 350 dollars for half a year! Unfortunately I don't have this money!(((( Yes I have a dog! Her name is Bagirra!It is a rottwieler! I can wear a shirt skirt only when I am with my man? if I am alone or with girlfriends I wear Sexy clothes but not short skirts) I think I and my future husband will decide everything together)))) Dear I am very curious about your surprise)) Here is my address : Ukraine,Odessa, Jolio-Kyri street 21/3 . My full name is Cherkasova Vlada
Kisses Vlada

03-12-2007 William my darling! If you could only know how much I miss you every single day! I look at our picture and think that I have a man, a real man, which I was dreaming about for so long! And it is so great! It warms my heart! Dear I hope you are ok and think of me too! Now I have very tensy life! I don't even have time for myself! Three times a week I attend courses! And when I come home in the evening I have to study! I hope that on the New Years evening they will let me have a little vacation and I will relax! Tell me please when will you approximately come to me??? With my all heart Vladachka

05-12-2007 William calm down!!!!!I explained you already this!!!

06-12-2008 William!! Why do you always want to spoil everything!!! I told you before that agency don’t want me to delete my profile! And I am doing a favour to it!!! I don\t answer letters and I don't meet another man!! Please understand this!! How mane times more will we speak about this!! I have one man and this is enough for me! I love you and please stop bothering yourself with this bullshit!


12-12-2008 Hello my dearest William!!!! Oh I missed you very, very much!! I am very sorry for not answering you for so long!!! I had very big problems and a lot of things to study! You can congratulate me) I've past the most difficult exam yesterday and got the highest point!)) I am very, very glad!! All the days I think of you honey! Please don't think I forgot about you!! My heart is always with you and I really can't wait when our hearts will beat together)) Now it is almost two weeks till The New Year! It is such a nice Holliday and I want to spend with you so much! But I know))))) we will celebrate next together)) with champagne and candles))) I like this idea! In fact I want to spend all days with you! I feel so comfortable and free!)) I have also bad news; in fact it was the reason of my silence! I was going by bus home from my university and somebody had stolen my mobile phone from my pocket!! I was extremely upset first of all because I knew that all the numbers were there including Mashes and it took me so long to find her number and to come to her place again and write you! And the second why I was almost crying is that I know my sister will not buy me a new one! Because it is the third stolen telephone ((( I don't even know what to do now, life here is impossible without the connection and it is very difficult to reach Masha each time because I don't have home phone! So everything is upside down now!! It is New Year soon and only one my dream came true, I met you)))) I hope that this year will make my dream come true to the end and we will be a very happy and the best couple)))) Kisses to you my love!!!! Can't stop thinking of you!!! Your Vladachka

Dec. 14 Hello my dearest Wayne!!!! Oh I missed you very very much!! I am very sorry for not answering you for so long!!! I had very big problems and a lot of things to study! You
can congratulate me) I've past the most difficult exam yesterday and got the highest point!)) I am very very glad!! All the days I think of you honey! Please don't think I forgot about you!! My heart is always with you and i really can't wait when our hearts will beat together)) Now it
is almost two weeks till The New Year! It is such a nice Holiday and I want to spend with you so much! But I know))))) We will celebrate next together)) With champagne and candles)))I like this idea! In fact I want to spend all days with you! I feel so comfortable and free!))
I have also bad news, in fact it was the reason of my silence! I was going by bus home from my university and somebody had stolen my mobile phone from my pocket!! I was extremely upset first of all because I know my sister will not buy me a new one! Because it is the third stolen telephone((( I don't even know what to do now, life here is impossible without the connection .So everything is upside down now!! It is New Year soon and only one my
dream came true ,I met you)))) i hope that This year will make my dream come true to the end and we will be a very happy and the best couple)))) Kiss to you my sweety!!!!
Can't stop thinking of you!!! Your Vladachka

This is moral pressure to help her again!

13-12-2007 Hello my sweetheart!!! I miss you every day more and more(((( I want to be with you so much! You are on my thoughts all the time! Honey! I think I will not have a telephone at all! My sister can't buy it to me and I have no money too. It is so difficult! I feel myself lost in the world! I have just learned couple simple phrases that I wanted to write you with sms but now it is impossible! I wanted to write you sexy sms every day)) You can't even imagine how much I am upset!!!! Honey I am sorry for not answering your questions!! I will I promise! I just always want to write you how much I love you and need you! Sorry)) Well yes I spoke with my sister about you and she said that this is my life and she want me to be happy and will do everything for my happiness but she will have to meet you when you will come next time))) May be then I will be your interpreter)) I liked the news about the university! I will ask all the information in my university and tell you honey! These are answers for other your questions! >New Year more important celebration than Christmas? –Yes > Christmas on January 7 >When your holiday start and end? Start on 18 of January and end 10 February > Suppose we should meet today :)) would we be able to understand each other without help? I don't think so! I don't know English well enough yet. With love!!!!!!
Your Vladushka

January 16 suddenly new pictures were published 7 in the morning and another 5 bikini later
This is my letter:

Vlada my love,
Today I have seen something and I really am not able to tell you what it did to me. I felt a freezing cold only! But I decided to stay cool and only ask you to explain sincere to me why today 7 new photos of you were published? Vlada please answer my questions:

1 why it is?
2 how is has been done?
3 when were the photos taken and please again I must repeat the question why?
4 Don’t you really believe in us?

Vlada you can’t believe how I feel. I don’t want to judge. But oh my goodness what is really going on?

Needless to say Vlada my feelings for you are sincere!
Why this Vlada?


She replied:
16-01-2008 Hello my love!! I beg you!! Please calm down!! Nothing is going on! Everything is ok!!! I will explain you this! Listen, I have a contract with my agency! I will be able to delete my profile when I will show them my documents that I am married! This is the rule of the agency! I have to do photos and everything other! But honey I love you and I have no other man! Can you believe me or not???? I am really tired to explain you that you are my love and I don't need anyone else!!!! I love you sms! I don't understand some words, but I can catch that you love me!!! Kiss you, you my dear! Your and only your Vlada

17-01-2008 My sweetest angel!!!!! You can be proud of your little very clever girl)))) Today I have finished all of my exams and all my marks are A! The best))))) I will have the biggest scholarship)) It is 40 dollars but nevertheless it is money too!! I am extremely happy!! Honey I hope you can imagine how much I want to see you and to hug you! This is just my dream since I said bye to you at the airport! But let's look on the situation clearly! I know English very bad now! I am just a beginner! When you will come I want to be able to speak with you free on all the possible topics and it is not romantic to use dictionary)) So I think the best will be when I will feel that I can speak fluently you will come! Of course you can come tomorrow but we will have to use interpreter again! And I hate it!! Honey I think approximately it will be May! What do you think?? And of course I want to live with you together)! My sister said that I will go for 5 days to the Carpathian Mountains! It will be on 20th of January! It is her present for my good studies))) I will be waiting for your letter! Hug you tight!

Comment: Strange a poor family go to the mountains for skiing??

25-01-2008 Hello darling!!! Thank you so, so much for your kind sms)) It is a little bit difficult to translate your sms with the dictionary but when I understand what you have written my day becomes so bright and full of love!! I love you honey and thank you so much for being with me!!!!I really need you and your love makes me so strong every single day! Please tell me about the latest news you have)))) Kiss you dear!! Your Vladachka

30-01-2008 My sweetheart! I am in shock)) I have just read your letters all together)) It seems like you had fever)) Honey!!! I love you! Please stop thinking such crazy things! I want to be with you and we will be together! This is for sure!! Darling! Well, I want to answer your questions! Please read it slowly and try to understand! As far as I know for all my friends who went abroad for a long time to live there, I will get visa if all the documents will be ok and when I will know good English! not perfect! Right now my English is rather poor! I know not enough for that!! You know that I want to appear in your arms just like you want! But my love we need to be patient! I need to learn this English to be able to communicate with you without interpreter and not only on the topic "Great Brittan")))) I want to tell you all my thoughts and everything! And I want to be sure that I understand what you are talking about! This is very, very important! I have good news)) I asked at the university about our situation and they told me that when I will apply for visa I can pass some very important exams and they will let me go for half of a year! It will be autumn exactly! In summer we will meet again here in Odessa, We will take care of visa and all the necessary things and check my English) and I will live with you 3 months in Netherlands)))) Sounds great! I know that we need time to wait! But dear I want everything to be correct and right! I miss you just incredibly!! I think of you dream of you and you are my only hope and love!!!!! P.S. I couldn't write to you because Masha was away for 4 days) Now she is back) I love you!! Vlada

Comment: suddenly all moments and periods we discussed before were changed here!

01-02-2008 William!! Oh my God!! What a beautiful letter!!! It is a masterpiece! Dear I love it and it is so great to hear such words! My love I can feel the same! I love you from the very bottom of my heart and it is great! I know that we have to be strong and take our time and wait a little bit but can you imagine how happy we will be when our life becomes one and we will share our feelings every minute! Dear it is a little dream that will come true for sure)) Sweetheart I have to remember you about the courses! In the beginning of the month I have to pay for it as you remember 200$. I know that it is difficult but please do it for us!! With love in my heart! Your Vladachka

Reply after I send her information from the Dutch Embassy about Visa

05-02-2008 Hello my baby|!!! Honey I am so sorry for taking time to answer you! I was so busy with my courses that almost forgot about my family and life!!))) We just had exams at my English courses! It was so difficult! But I was preparing very hard and I hope I will pass it good)) I was trying for you and me honey! I received that huge letter with all the information, but honey it is too much documents! Of course I will try to figure out something, but some documents are very long and expansive to make! I am in shock! And besides I didn't understand everything! It was too difficult for Masha to translate!(( Honey I miss you so so so so so so so much!!!!
Your little doll))) Kisses

in addition she a “seducing Photo in purple bikini”

06-02-2008 Hello William! Well now I understand everything! Tell me exactly what I have to do now? I know that I have to continue my English courses and to ask the university! My studies will begin in one week and I will be able to ask them! Vlada

The same day to Wayne:

Jan. 6 Hello my bad boy!! Oh I missed you so much!!!Thank you so much for your letter and for the present! it was very nice of you! Hey I promise to do my best to look like you want on the next video! Today I celebrate Christmas in my country! Honey I can't wait to receive your surprises! I am pretty sure I will like it!! My zip code is 65053. I am very tired now because I had to cook for all my family today! If you will come in Sping, that will be great! I hope that it will be warm! But I don't think so warm as to go to the beach)) I can see that you are very passionate man, I could have only dream about such man like you!!
With all my warm kisses Vlada

08-02-2008 Honey!! It is so great to see this letter with such good news! I wish you always write me letters like that!! Dear I am very happy for you and you are very strong person and as I can see you always get what you want! It is just supper! I love this about you! I knew that you will try to make our future house in a best way! It is the best present for me!) Baby I am so happy for you! And of course when I will come I will make a good decoration for it! It will be cosy and lovely)It will be our cosy nest! William and about the courses! I received money from you last time on 11th of January! And I went to pay the same day! So At 11th this month I have to do it again! It is very simple! And if you are talking about that week when I was away, I got home work and I was repeating there when I had free time and when I came I had a test on this topics! So please dear stop finally suspecting me of something! I am really tired of this and this is enough! If I tell you something than it is true and there should be no confusion from your side! We are one team and we will win this match!! I love you! And huuuuge kiss for you!!!!!!!!!!! Vladachka

15-02-2008 Honey!! I am so sorry that I couldn't write to you all the week! I was very, very busy. My University started again and they want too much from students! I have to study hard! And also I have to help about the house! I am too tired every day! I was very, very sad yesterday because we couldn't be together with you! I was crying and than I went to sleep early because all my friends went out with their man and I was alone! I felt so lonely without you! I need you so much! Please be strong and keep our love in your heart like I do! Just a thought of us together give me strength! I try my best to be strong too and to handle the thing that we are not together right now! I have sometimes depression because I need you and miss you! But we are strong and we are team and should help each other!! Honey please explain me what I have to do with my courses! I haven't paid for this month and they do not let me to attend the courses! You don't want me to continue??? I need your answer very soon dear!! Kiss you Vlada

18-02-2008 Hello my dear!! I am so sorry for not writing to you since the Valentine's Day! I was not in the city! You see my relatives wanted to go to the Carpathian Mountains to ski for the weekend! The got tickets! And one of my relatives got ill! And they invited me to go with them as they know that I love to ski very much! And I have returned this day! I loved it! It was so exited! We had great fun! I was skiing for 6 hours every day! Now I don't feel my legs! But I am happy! I missed you very much honey!! Thank you once again for your present! It was so nice of you!! I think of you all the time)) I don't know what to do! Please tell me that you miss me too like I do))))) I kiss you my sweetheart)) Your baby))) P.S. I will write you tomorrow a bigger letter! Masha asks for money for letters!

21-02-2008 Hello my darling!! Finally!! it is crazy just with the internet!! Every time when we with Masha have time together to write to you every time some problems!! Honey I want to punish you!!!! Stop writing such huge letters! Have you forgotten that I am blond))))) Dear too much information!!! Really! I appreciate very much your hard work and nerves and everything but I don't understand anything with these abbreviations )) So please just write me step by step what I have to do!! The first step I know! I will go to university and find out everything! Than you come and other plans! OK!!!! No problems dear!!! I am yours you know that!! I am so happy have such a clever man by my side)))) You are my genius!!! Honey I can't even explain you how much I missed you and how much I want to appear in your sweet arms honey! It great that it is just some months till we are together and so happy)))))!!! Baby this is fantastic! William everything is of course great with this! But I really have to talk with you seriously! Baby I am so sorry to say this and so ashamed but I am in very complicated situation now! My sister doesn't have money to take care of me now! Every thing I can have for free is food and home! But of course you understand that I need some money for daily living! I can't live without money at all! And also I need to look after myself to look good! Dear please send me some money because I don't know what to do! I need your help very much!!
I hope you understand! Vlada. Владислава Черкасова (
P.S. I got money for courses

21-02-2008 William this is Masha! Vlada can't answer your sms because she doesn't have money on the phone!

A new scam try appeared:

24-02-2008 Hello my darling!!!! I am sorry that I can't write as often as you write to me!! Dear I really have very big problems now and sometimes I haven't even money for bus to go to Masha to write to you or to the courses! It is difficult for me! Very difficult! And the thing that you are so far from me and so away makes me feel very sad! My friends don't understand what is wrong with me! But I really miss you incredibly! Every day more and more!! Dear thank you very much for your explanation! Now it is clear to me! I promise to find out about the university but as far as I have found out it will not be for free! You know everything in our country is not for free! The university will not let me go just like that because I want to go to The Netherlands! I am sure I will have to pay for this! I don't know anything for sure now but I think next week I will try to find out because these things are very secret and I have to find a person who will go to the main professor and pay him to write me a document that they let me go for half of a year! I think this is the biggest problem right now! And everything else is very simple and I can do it without any problems! I hope that we will work this out and have great time together! You know honey I am pretty ready for you and for our life together!!! Please write to me soon!!! Many kisses to you!!! Your Vlada

Here she lies about money ($320) I sent, Privatbank claims it was available February 29!!

01-03-2008 Hi my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry for not writing to you! But this week was completely crazy!!!! I had to pass a small exam at my university and there were tests at courses too!! It is something incredible! I think I have never studied so much at once! But I tried my best and hope the results will be good! I miss you honey so much!! I have a feeling that we haven't met for years already!! I remember your warm arms and I want to take the plane and cone straight to you my dear!!!!!! Honey, tell me please when should money be on my account! Because I checked it today and there is nothing right now! If what I will call the bank! And please tell me if this amount all for me or how? Because Masha asks for money for letters!!! I will be waiting for your reply!!
Kisses to you!!!! Your Vladachka

IMPORTANT: here she tries to get all out of it!!

07-03-2008 Hello my dear William!!! I am so so sorry for nnot writing to you for so long!I have some problems in the family now and I am very up set! But you knoe how much I love you and need you and that you are my only one! I have received all the documents you have sent to me! Everything is quite possible to do except the permission from the university! One person that I asked to know how much it will cost me to get this from the decan of my faculty said that it will be about 400$ plus I will have to pay for many exams that I will have to pass before I leave to you! It will be about 15 exams and each cost about 50$. So I think this is the problem,of course if you can FIND THIS MONEY TO PAY THEM! I have very bad mood dear! And tomorrow is international woman's day in our country and everybody will go to the disco!I will see if I have some money to go there too! Well this is it! Darling I didn't want to spoil your mood! I am sorry!!
I haven't checked money yet because I have no time! I will do it today and write to you!!
I kiss you my darling!! Vlada

Her reply after I found a way to come straight to Netherlands fore study –a super offer really!-

10-03-2008 Hello my dearest William!!
Honey I am very glad to see that you re trying so hard for both of us to be happy!! It means much to me! I can see how much you value me and how much you want us to be happy together! Thank you so much darling for this hard work!!
Dear I was thinking a lot about your proposition to emigrate at once! But my answer is no! I will explain you why! No my sister is going to divorce with her husband! And we have tears and scandals st home almost every day! It is very difficult time for her and I have to support her and be nearby all the time! It is very, very difficult! And I am myself understand how much she needs me! i am her last and the only one hope in life! That's why I have to study well and find a good work! Soon I will have to take good care for her! This is life and we have to support our parents! So I have to finish university for sure here in Odessa! I was talking with people who knows all the structure and they told me that it is no use to ask the embassy to apply to my university! Nobody will let me go! And for me it is very important to stay there as a good student and have no problems! For now this is it!! Honey please don't be sad! We have to be strong team! remember!!
I love you

Try to safe her face and lie again:

10-03-2008 Oh my God!!! William!! Now you made me shocked!! What are you talking about??? Are you crazy?? I just said that for this short period of time my sister needs my support! But my life is my life and I will do how I will do! I don't understand you! You are showing me your another bad side! I never told you that I need your money! I was just asking for help! And now you are telling me that I am a bitch and I was doing bad with you??? If you want to know I haven't received your transaction yet dear! I am crying and I don't know what to do! I think you don't love me and never did! I was thinking that this is real feeling, but as I can see you don't have it!! Thank you dear very much for your kind words to me and for giving me one more reason to cry...

11-03-2008 Honey!! Please start worry! Masha translated me everything in a right way! I was just so angry at you because you started to talk about the money you gave to me! This thing made me crazy! I never want my man to say me something abut the money! I am a woman and I think sometimes it is possible for a woman to ask for help from a man! Honey I love you very much and I want you to be sure about this!!! Dear I will come to you! But I think it will take a little bit more time that we expected! You see I have such situation in family and my sister needs me now very much! She doesn't have any one else to support her! But this summer we will be at your house together)))) I promise!! I love you!!
Write to me!!

19-03-2008 My dearest William!
I don't know really what to tell you today!! I am very very up set with everything in my life no! I miss you not less than you miss me! But we are so far away and that makes me very sad! Another thing that I don't attend English courses any more because still I didn't receive any money! They tell me that they can't find the swift! And everything is because of that your bank made a swift in euro ((( Next week is my Birthday! I will be 20 and I even have no chance to make a good celebration like I always wanted to do on 20 years! And you know it all makes me feel very bad inside though I know that I have a person who loves me and whom I love! But you know sometimes it can be quite difficult espessially if your dear is far away and you can't even hear his voice! Dear please forgive me for telling you all these but I had to do this! I need very much your support! I think loving people should be together to matter if it is a bad period or good one! Baby please tell me that you are with me and will never let me to fall down!
I will be waiting for your letter with impatience!
I kiss you!


In fact March 10 was the start of a big cover up operation. March 24 by coincidence I discovered a short memo from Wayne at UAProfiler! I couldn’t believe. Until in the morning of March 27 (her birthday) I discovered the complete set of letters to Wayne.
Even after that I decided to offer her a way out, show regrets or so. At first it seemed to work but when I asked her to deliver evidence of her innocence she disappeared with a cheep excuse.
She received the money she claims never arrived at her bank account February 29.

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