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# Original Report:  here

# Name:      Valya Stoeva

# Address:  Ukraine , Kherson

# Dangerous: 36%

# Details: Hello just submitting one scam, which was tried today 10.Feb 2003.(little bit to obvious it was fake) Understand this is a repeat offender and is using the familiar story which is attached and the initial contact was started with, Born 10 of December in Kherson...... Hope this could help honest and sincere people to avoid these "parasites". Good luck!

# Date: 2005-02-18


Hi dear J,
Sorry that I did not answer so long.
There is big grief there.
A car hit my ma and now she is in the hospital in the
critical condition.
We with my father do not know what do. The Doctor give us a
list that we needed to buy and said that all this needed to
buy immediately. Hospitals in out country poor and there is
nothing there, no even bandages and beds linen. The Doctor
has said that he helps all than can, but he can not to buy it
itself. If we does not buy all that he said in time, he said
that ma die, I not know that I then shall do, my ma the most
best person in my life. I in such mad condition that I seem
that this dream. This can not be.
My ma can die on my eyes. We with the father already have
spent all money which we had for this. Sold and pawned all
that have been able. And we needed near 390US$ more and we do
not know from where we can have it.
I understand that we with you practically do not know each
other. We faraway from each other in different countries, but
I ask you to help me. In the bank I have known that Western
Union it is fastest way to send money.
They told me that you will be needed my name - Valya,
surname - Stoeva, my address: Ukraine, town -
Kherson(zip73005), street - Ilushi Kulika 86, apt.27. I will
be only need to give Money Transfer Control Number them.
Sorry that I put you in my own problems but there is no
anybody from who I can ask help. But I needed money
immediately. I not even can promise that I will be able to
return you a money back.
Sorry if I has written something not in right order, my
condition in very terrible.
Your Valya.

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