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# Name:      Elena Yatsyna

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Omsk

# Phone:    +74957851102

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 31%

# Related reports: 2842   

# Scam scenarios:   money for VISA , passport, tickets

# Details: tourist visa($140)passport ($78)tickets($938)insurance($870)

# Date: 2007-10-24
I writing you and I know that I cant express all feeling just by letter.
I need your touch, your strong hands and warm body! I want it right now and forever!
I want to be with you and feel our love and passion. I think that our love making is Oh, I have no words, I need you. Please, be with me. I cannot be along anymore I want to be with you and be happy. I tired of waiting and I know that soon we will be together, but time is killing me. I have so many emotions and I cannot stop them inside of me. I want to give you all. Just take it and I will be happy. I think about future and I ready to embody this future for us. I love you, I need you. When I can see you? I want it so much!!!!! I trying my best and I know that we will settle all things and we will be together. I glad that I am not along with all staff and you want to help me with some problems connected with my arriving. Thank you for this, my only one!!! I shall try to arrive to the closest airport to you Stuttgart.
In visa agency to me have told, that it is possible to send money through Money Gramm.
I know that it is necessary to have information to send money thru Money Gramm.
I am going write you this and please be careful, there should be no mistake.
Last name: Yatsyna
Money Gramm. As I know to use this sistem I should receive after your translate money in my country 8 numbers to have an opportunity to receive money in my country! So when you will send money to me please write me 8 numbers and I will receive it in my country.
I need to know it and that you have already sent me. I will need a full information about you (country, state, name, last name, address) .I hope that everything will be fine and I can do everything very fast. I really dream about our meeting. I love you so much. I love you, never forget it!!!!
Your russian tender woman, Elena.
P.S. As I send you a copy of my passport as you asked.

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