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# Name:      Anastasiya Belostotskaya

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Moscow

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 17%

# Details: Scammer : Anastasiya Belostotskaya, Moscow 123060, str. Marshal Sokolovsky 12/4rnShe sent me a message by email on She said that she was going to visit my country and asked if she could meet me. Because I had letters before like this and I knew that she was a scammer from the beginning, I kept her busy. She send sme sexy bikini pics to wake my interest. After a few letters her mother ends up in hospital and she has to pay all expenses. After a week, her mother is better by now, she is able to book tickets but she has no money left and she asks if I can help her. Of course I can ! She mails me her address and Western Union office in her neighbourhood, and me, I send her a fake imaginary money transfer number for 400 $. After this she asks immediately for 800 $ more because she needs it for proving something at customs. I send her a 2nd fake number and she walks happily to Western Union. But they give her nothing because numbers do not exist. I sent her a second time because I explain that I wrote my name the wrong way. Of course she gets no money and now she really becomes angry and that is the end of the story.rn

# Date: 2007-07-21

Here is one of her letters :
Hi my sweet ..., I am very glad to receive tonight your letter, and day of me was not a house as I was at the girlfriend. I the truth am happy that you to me write and that you trust me and trust and
wait for my arrival with impatience and I very much very much want to arrive to you and as with impatience I wait for our meeting.I already started to think that you about me overlook as did not write at once the answer, but in my soul I trusted that you will write to me also I is happy that you write. I understand all that you to me write also I is happy that you will to help me with money for the ticket. I understand that you require my information to send me of money.
My lovely Ray, I wrote to you that I need 400 $ American dollars, my home address:
country Russia, city of Moscow, index 123060
street Marshal Sokolovsky 12/4.
As I know the address of the Western Union if it is necessary to you:
Agent Location Details
I hope that you as soon as receive my letter will send at once money that I tomorrow could to receive your letter with the information and to receive your monetary help and as the ticket of the plane and to write to you the full information of my flight. Do not overlook to me you will write your full information under which to send to me the monetary help? I as ask your phone number of you give me that I could call to you? I the truth am happy that I soon can to arrive to you.
The truth does not suffice me love and caress I shall be happy to our meeting because
I respect you also I want that we each other always understood and were happy. Yes I once again want to ask you want that I to you danced belly dance, I the truth personally for the man not when did not dance, and for you I shall be happy to dance as you do me the happy invitation to you and as help. I shall go to bed and dream now of our meeting. I wait from you in the morning the letter with the full information. Mum sends the regards to you.
Yours Anna.

Next letter :

Hi my lovely sweet ...
I now do not know from what to start to write my letter and I suffer even more as from you today there is no letter. I have many news, there is a unique problem.
I could not write to you in the afternoon as I did not know what to write searched money as the
Internet did not work for me. Thank God that the Internet now works and I can write to you all that happened. I as wanted you to call, but you know that it dearly, and to me to have to save money for travel to you. I now blame myself as on hastened with travel because full details of travel were not learned also by me about it at all did not know and a problem in that that I need in money for travel your country as at me the working visa.
Yes I could register the ticket of the plane and it is unique good news which me pleases,
the information of my flight:
Moscow Aug 05, 2007
05:05 PM LHR
London Aug 05, 2007
06:15 PM 767 Economy N/A
London Aug 05, 2007
08:15 PM BRU
Brussels Aug 05, 2007
10:25 PM 319 Economy N/A
7 hr 20 min
I hope that all of you understand, my start will be 5 numbers and time of flight will borrow 7 hr 20 min, as one change. I ask the God that you understood why I need in money, it because I should find 800 $ for my residing to your country, it for entry your country, all have explained to me why I should have money, it because at me the working visa and I not as cannot travel without money, me will not pass to our customs house if I shall not have money, and I should pass customs house necessarily. I tried to explain where and what for I travel your country, but not who did not listen to me and have told to me that me without money I shall not pass to customs house, you should understand me. Now unique it is possible to find to me of money before my flight, that without problems to pass customs house both to sit the plane and to arrive to you the happiest.
I today did all what to find money, but all without was useful not who cannot help me such big sum of money, and this money to me are necessary only for that to show for customs house that I have money and I can live to your country without problems, you understand me. I do not want to ask you more money as you already helped me, but now other situation and I ask you help me as it is unique probably you to arrive, understand me that I at once shall give this money to you as soon as to you I shall arrive.
I have made so spent many money and you much what to travel your country as to me helped, and now there is a unique problem and I ask you understand of me and help me. I shall ask the God that you understood me.I cannot fall asleep today as very much very much I suffer and I shall wait for your letter with impatience in the morning.
I the truth very much very much want to arrive to you and I am available on all to arrive to you,
but I do not know as it to make. I the truth want to give you all love and caress and I want that we each other understood and there was at us with you a further happy life if to turn out, but I shall hope for it. Today it is very tired and I do not have more forces to write. I now a box to take a bath. And then to go to bed and ask the God that you me understood and helped that I could arrive and be to you with you the happiest.I shall wait for your letter in the morning. Yours Anna.