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# Name:      Kseniya

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Tarasovka

# Dangerous: 7%

# Details: > hey:) how are you":) Today it is raining... though one ray of warm sunrn> is looking at me now You know why??? Why is this sunny ray in myrn> life:) Because I have got your letter!! You know I have looked throughrn> your profile and you seem to be a very nice man, so I am happy to hearrn> back from you! To be honest I was waiting for your letter:)rn> rn> rn> So I am Kseniya:) Nice to meet you Dear I am 24, I was born on the 10rn> of December, so I am Sagittarius:) and what about you:) Well Irn> attached my pic but to describe how i look like i will tell you that Irn> am 170cm and 53 kg:) I am hopeless romantic girl and a little bitrn> old-fashioned though it concerns only my some preferences like i thinkrn> that a real gentleman should open doors before women, on the whole Irn> am open minded! Dear I am not so gifted like you but i will try torn> tell you about myself just for you to have an imagination what I amrn> the person. So I work in the hospital, I am medical nurse at thern> maternity house with the perspective to be a doctor pediatrician so Irn> will not boast but i am lucky enough to have this job that i like andrn> i achieved my goal:), I help women to give birth to their children:) Irn> work day and night shift:) I like my work very much I think it is sorn> beautiful when the child a new person of the planet is born:) I dreamrn> to enter to the medical University because I want to be a doctor arn> pediatrician! So As you have understood right now i am quite secure:)rn> rn> rn> rn> Well what should I tell you:) I grew up in Tarasovka a village in thern> Donbass, I have my father, unfortunately my mom died when I was 12rn> years old she wanted to have a son, but unfortunately she and myrn> brother died may be that is why I chose this profession!rn> rn> I also have two cousins and aunt and uncle, my grand parents live farrn> away from us. My father is an engineer but he is on retirement now.rn> After My mothers death my father still was a young handsome man, butrn> he decided to bring up me and I was his little girl, Ksyusha,( petrn> name from Kseniya) So He was alone for this time, only a year ago hern> met and nice woman, so they started their life together! I am happyrn> for them but I want also be happy so To be a professional I have torn> study hard to take this post I did not have enough time to spend withrn> friends, young men, i just studied hard, and then after some times Irn> looked around and most of my friends are married, and have children,rn> but not all of them are happy, Because here one of the problems of thern> local men is vodka and fun:( I dont want this, I think I worth muchrn> better and of course i will be glad to have a norma man who can enjoyrn> simple things of life! that is why I decided to turn to the Internet:)rn> I hope now I bore you with my letter I am sorry if it is so, but irn> hope to know you better and day by day letter by letter we will knowrn> each other better and if you want to fill your life with love,rn> adventure, passion, care and warm then write soon I will wait for yourrn> reply Take care Yours Kseniyarn> Hello, Dear Safwan:) How are you:) I just knew there would be an emailrn> here waiting for me and that was the best thing to be able to sit herern> and read it. Almost like a welcome home message from my love. Thankrn> you for being here when I arrived home. I have to say how nice it isrn> to have you in my life. To know that you are as happy to see ME as Irn> am happy to see you. I am not used to having someone so lovely who isrn> so excited to get an email from me too. I mean I have always lovedrn> receiving emails in the past, but for some reason, I have become sorn> attached to you and your emails, it is wonderful. Looking out for themrn> each time I connect to the net. It is like I am in a crowded room andrn> I stretch my neck to look up over the crowds. To see if I can findrn> you. Then in a sparkling moment, our eyes meet up and we both findrn> each other in this crowd. The way my heart beats a little faster andrn> my eyes go wide with the excitement of seeing you again, just gets myrn> blood pumping faster and is the essence of that feeling. When there isrn> someone close that you know you can rely on. Unfortunately Today whenrn> I came to the translation agency they told me bad news! I was toldrn> that our correspondence account that I have paid is low and should bern> renewed but really i am short of money and i cant afford this myself!rn> I pay each letter 4 euro your and mine to get translated so honeyrn> right now it is very difficult to pay but you see i dont want to loosern> you:) I am so sad it is so bad when you cant even talk to the man yourn> like! In the agency i was asked to pay either per two weeks 85 Euro :0rn> and we can exchange as many letter as we want may be you can help???rn> Take care kiss your Kseniyarn> hey How are you:) what letter are you talking about? I have only onern> letter from is is dated from 16.03:) Nice to hear from you again, myrn> darling !rn> rn> I do appreciate your decision to keep writing to me. Im really happyrn> to know more about you but I think you must have the same feelingrn> about me. I would like every little thing about you, your family, yourrn> wishes and desires.rn> I like to have fun but not anything connected with drugs, as for thern> drinking, I can allow myself to drink a glass of red wine or a beer.rn> But it does not happen very rarely, only when I have my seldomrn> meetings with my best girl friends. I hate the state of being drunk.rn> By the way, as my friends, almost all of them are married and havern> kids. But not all of them are happy in their marriage. This is onern> more reason of my looking for my soul mate abroad.rn> rn> You can have a question in your mind about the man, I am lookingrn> for,so I should tell you that he must be reliable, careful, generous.rn> I believe that any relations must be built on fidelity and mutualrn> understanding. Thats why I have lies and playing games. I am honestrn> girl but not light minded. I do hope that my demands are not toorn> great... I should say that I want to get a lot from my partner but Irn> also promise to give a lot in return...rn> rn> I also like travelling very much, but unfortunately I have never beenrn> abroad except for the fact that I used to travel to Burglary when arn> child. That is all my experience. My father managed to get pass fromrn> his job. So, we managed to visit Sofia. But it was long ago, whenrn> there was USSR, and we neednt any visas and international passport.rn> I even dont remember anything from this trip, just some images.rn> rn> rn> I also would like to ask you about something. I really want to knowrn> you better. What do you expect from me like your future wife? Are yourn> ready to make important changes in your live, if you find the woman ofrn> your life? Do you believe in the development of relations over thern> Internet? Do you have a lot of pen-friends in the net? If you were anrn> animal what will you be?rn> rn> I know that there are a lot of questions, and they might be strange inrn> a way, but that is what I really want to know... I do hope that myrn> letter has not bored you to death and I wait for your reply.... Hopern> to hear from you soon, Kseniya

# Date: 2007-04-07

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