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# Name:      Elvira Hayrulina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Yoshkar-Ola

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 17%

# Details: Hi my love again Gonzalo!rn I shall go today from my work right after a dinner!rnNear to my work the travel agency is located! I think, that theyrnshould be engaged registration of necessary documents for a trip tornother countries! I well learn all and then I will inform you! I veryrnmuch hope, that official registration of papers will not occupy a lotrnof time, as from me holiday from my work not so long! I will write tornyou at once as all I learn today or tomorrow! I love you! Elvira.rnrnrn

# Date: 2007-03-14

My love Gonzalo! I am very glad, that you have written to me! You
already know, that Today at mine the daddy birthday! Today to him 57
years old! Also today a holiday on March, 8th! The
international women's day! We in a circle The family it is usually
celebrated these two holidays together! Now I I shall go to my parents
to help my mum and the sister to prepare Celebratory dishes and to
serve a celebratory table! At me today very much Good mood! Nearly has
not forgotten to tell to you! I absolutely Has lost a head because of
holidays! I last night was not in time to you To write, as this time
my parents have come to me on a visit! I went In travel agency! There
Was not all so simply! It is necessary for me To receive the passport
for travel abroad, the visa, to pass a medical board and To receive an
insurance policy! Together with the ticket my travel will be Cost of
25600 Russian roubles! If to transfer that it nearby 960 $. Only after
that I shall be capable to arrive To you! To me have offered some
variants! I shall take the visa on 2 Month! Probably I shall at you on
a visit only one month and then to me It is necessary to fly back
home! Suddenly you will expel me? A joke! I have already submitted the
application on reception of all documents! Tomorrow I I shall pass a
medical board! Also I need to do photos On my passport for travel
abroad! Well all right this all tomorrow! At me also There is not a
big request! I have collected all the monetary savings, and Also to me
my parents and friends, but on former have borrow money to me Does not
suffice to collect the given sum, to pay all charges! At me Now is
available 450 $. I to not ask you that you have given me simply So
money! I to ask you that you have borrow to me of money for the period
one Month! After first half of month to me will give the small salary
and I I shall be capable to give you a part of money! I shall
necessarily return you all of money! Simply now this money urgently as
I need to bring are necessary to me And to pay this money on March,
12th in travel agency! It means will be in the beginning of next week!
Please transfer me 510$ soon! My daddy too about it asks you and
Speaks, that will help too to me to return to you my monetary duty in
current of month! he also has advised me a way of transfer of money!
When he Was in official journey to Belarus he transferred my money To
mum through system of monetary transfers western union. I not I know,
that this such! The daddy has told, that it is very fast! he also has
given me the address western union in our city where he transferred
424000. To you It is necessary for transfer of money only my data!

Elvira Hayrulina. Yoshkar-Ola. Russia. I hope, that you will transfer
me of money today or tomorrow, as Then will be week end and banks will
be closed! In advance gratitude! Much to our regret I now should go
mine Love! For Me already wait On a visit! I shall wait for your
letter today! Love you match! Elvira.