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# Name:      Irina Zinchenko

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Moscow

# Seen at:   She contacted me

# Dangerous: 17%

# Related reports: 2217   

# Scam scenarios:   Needed money for airfare

# Details: Needed money for airfarernrnHello my dear Dave!rnit is me again and I want you to know that you cant imagine how happy I am. rnI have a schedule of my cant imagine how much crazy Moscow is. It is great fear to live here I think so!Our small town isrnmore friendly . well,about our business, I tasted my blood,such rule for foreign visitors wanting to visit your rncountry! Thanks God, I am in good health, all of my tests are all right,I only need some vitamins I think itrnis the bad foods and long winters problem.I have to eat much more fruits and vegetables.The doctor said! rnwell,here is all info ,I do hope we will together in a few days! Info from agency!rnrnINFORMATION MY FLIGHT FOR YOU !rnrnAustrianrnOS 8052 OP Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation 09:50rnVienna Intl (VIE), Vienna, Austria 10:50 rnAustrianrnOS 071 Vienna Intl (VIE), Vienna, Austria 11:20rnPearson Intl (YYZ), Toronto, Ontario, CanadarnTerminal 1 14:40rnAir CanadarnAC 263 Pearson Intl (YYZ), Toronto, Ontario, CanadarnTerminal 1 16:30rnWinnipeg (YWG), Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 18:00rnrnPrice: USD 1190.00+rnrnHoney, I am so glad to see that I am almost near my goal,and our meeting wait for us.rnI think I will call you from airport and I will wait for you there so long as you need,I mean if you need any time to arrive in airport. rnit is not problem to wait there because I know that it is the end of my trip and I have time to improve my condition(some parfume)afterrnlong jorney.I want you to see me in good shape! I think everything will be all right.Rather I am sure everything will be all right!.rnMy Dear, they have told in travel office that I have to show tickets when I will visit embassy after tomorrow before my flight.rnPeople from embassy must be sure that I am not going to stay illegally in your country and I have tickets with returning isrnvery strong rule. I have some money but my flight from Irkutsk to Moscow costed so much(about 500$)rnbecause so many kilometrs from there to Moscow. I didnt guess that tickets costs so much. and I have to book tickets till in less than 2 days , rnbecause of my interview. I have not written date of flight because I do not have all money to the ticket.rnas soon as I will have all money and I will buy the ticket I shall write to you date of flight.rnI will buy the ticket on this flight. May be you could borrow some money? rnI am sure I will be able to return it back in a few weeks after my arriving I will earn some money and atrnfirst to return all money to you.rnI also have not written this date of the flight because I yet have not bought the ticket, rnbut if you will borrow to me money I will fly on this flight, in most nearest day,rnthis flight flies almost each day.rnin Agency they have told me that you may send it by Western Union. It is pretty easy to use. rnThe guy from the agency explained to me how their system works. It is instant worldwide money transfer system.rnAll you need is my name and my surname to send me the money. Once you do this ,rnIll be able to pickup the money in any local Western Unuion office in Moscow. We need to do it pretty fast, because we have no time till my intervew, rnif everything will be all right I will be on this flight!rnI have about 500 US dollars yet and I thinkrnI need about 700 US dollars from your side with all travel needs and livingrnhere till my flight!If everything will be all right between us I can stay with you longer than three months,maximum I can stay about 6 months for rnfirst time! We should change only the date of my returning flight. Or I can return earlier if something is wrong!rnHere is more info about Western Union. You find any local Western Union agent, go there and send money to my name. rnWestern Union will ask you for my full name and address in Moscow where I am staying at. Once you give them all the info they will initiate the transfer.rnIn just less than 10 minutes I will be able to pick the money up at any Western Union agent here in moscow. rnrnYou will send me transfer info and MTCN( money transfer control number )rnI will get cash. So I will need your full name and your address + the control number of the transfer. (MTCN)rnKiss you many times ,I am tired today,you know it is hard enough to be in foreign city. So many different emotions . rnKiss you many times! Irina! see you soon!rnrnAh, silly me. Nearly forgot to give you my full name info and my address.rnrnMy address here (the flat i am renting)rnCountry : Russia, City : Moscow,rnAddress : Troparewskaia 19-31, zip 117602 rnFull Name Irina Zinchenko (right writting in English)rnrnI am sorry to send so dry letter but it seems to me I am like any drunker I have lost my mind and my head works so badly,see you tomorrow. I amrnsorry to make so many problems for you I only hope that you will be not disappoined to meet me. rnrn

# Date: 2007-03-02

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