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# Name:      Yulia Telmanova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Salehard

# Phone:    7 912-295-4558

# Dangerous: 16%

# Scam scenarios:   Money for tickets.

# Details: Hello again my Dear !!!rn rnYou know that I am in Moscow and I think I have already done almost the half of my trip preparations. rnEverything is going so fast and I cannot believe I will be on the plane to come to you in a few days.rnFrankly speaking I am very tired. Everything is not so easy as I thought it would be. rnIt is rather hard business because of many barriers in this item. rnYou even cant imagine how glad I am to meet you and I feel so great thinking about it. rnAnd now I feel better to know that I will not be alone ethere in the USA. rnI have some news about my trip.rnThis is the schedule of my flight. It is a round trip ticket because for getting visa in the Embassy I rnmust have a two-way ticket. That is the law. rn rn----------------------------------------------------------------rn rnrnInformation for Yulia Telmanova.rn rn"Polaris Travel Agency" rn rnRussia, Moscow, Lomonosova 43rn rnPhone: +7 912-295-4558rn rnE-mail: polaristravel@narod.rurn rnrn rnPlease use our service.rn rnBest regards. Manager Alexander Babincevrn rnFlight: 23th of Dec, 2006. rnMoscow, Russia - USArn rnDelta Air Lines rnDL 031 rnSheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian FederationrnTerminal 2 12:55 rnJohn F Kennedy International (JFK), New York, New York, USArnTerminal 3 15:25 rnNon-stop / 767 13h45min rnDelta Air Lines rnDL 5244 OP rnJohn F Kennedy International (JFK), New York, New York, USArnTerminal 3 16:35 rnPittsburgh International (PIT), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 18:40 rnNon-stop / CRJrn rn rnrn rnReturn flight: 23th of March, 2007rnUSA - Moscow, Russiarn rnDelta Air Lines rnDL 5294 OP rnPittsburgh International (PIT), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 14:34 rnJohn F Kennedy International (JFK), New York, New York, USArnTerminal 3 16:10 rnNon-stop / CRJ 12h21min rnDelta Air Lines rnDL 030 rnJohn F Kennedy International (JFK), New York, New York, USArnTerminal 3 17:10 rnSheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian FederationrnTerminal 2 09:55 + 1 day(s) rnNon-stop / 767rnrn rn rn rnPrice: USD 1190.00 Round trip tickets. Eco.class.rn rn rn rn------------------------------------------------------------------rn rnrnI am very glad to know that we are almost near our goal and our meeting is waiting for us in a few days. rnI think I will call you from the airport and wait for you there in case you rncannot be there in time to meet me. I shall wait as much as necessary.rnIt will not be a problem for me to wait for you because this will be the end of my long trip to you rnand besides I will have some time to go to the ladies room and make myself look better after a long flight. rnSo you will see me in a good shape. rn rnThe tickets are booked already and I will buy them right before the interview in the Embassy rnto get my visa. People from the Embassy must be sure that I am not going to your country some illegal way rnand stay there illegally, that is why my tickets should be two-way. That is the rule. rn rnAnd honey, the problem is that I have some money but my flight from my home to rnMoscow costed a lot ( about 400$) and I had to give 100$ more to complete all travel papers and 30$ to open my visa. rnBesides I have to pay for the room renting about 25$ every day ( I even dont have a telephone there), rnI told you it is a very expensive city. rnThe flight from Salehard to Moscow costed so much because the distance is too long. rnIt is my fault, I know. My parents told me to take the train rnbut I so much wanted to get by plane because I have flied before. rn rnBesides the flight tickets cost much more now because after the New Year the prices for the rngasoline got much higher. I need to buy the tickets before my interview because I told rnyou that this is the rule before my visa issuance. Maybe you can borrow some money? rnI cannot live here too long because every day I have to spend money for a living. rnEven the cup of tea costs almost two dollars. rn rnI think it is not too great amount of money I ask and I am sure I will be able to to the return rnyou the money back in a few weeks after my arriving. I will earn some money and first of all I will rnreturn you all the money back. rn rnAt the agency they told me that you can send the money by Western Union. rnIt is pretty easy to use their services. The manager of the agency explained me how this system works. rnIt is instant worldwide money transfer system. rnAll you need to know is my first name and my last name and also the address where to send the money. rnOnce you do this, I will be able to pick up the money in any local Western Union in office in Moscow. rnWe need to do very fast because we dont have much time till my interview. rnIf everything will be allright and I but the tickets, I will be on this flight and come to you!rnYou need to send me transfer info and MTCN ( money transfer control number) I will get the cash.rnI kiss you many many times!!!!rnI am tired so much today, you know it is very hard to live in such city alone. So many different emotions...rnSee you soon, my darling!!!rn rnOh, silly me! I almost forgot to give you my full name and my address here in Moscow ( where I rent a room).rnCountry : RussiarnCity: MoscowrnAddress: Sovetskaya 24 kor.4 - 192rnpostal code (zip) : 117303rnFull name: Yulia Telmanova ( this is the right writing in English)rn rnI have yet about 400 $ and I need about 950$ more from your side with all rn rntravel needs and living here till my flight.rn rnIf everything will be great between us I will be able to stay with you linger then three months ( I can stay maximum for six months because it is my first trip to the USA) All we will have to do is to change my return ticket date flight. rnI so much hope that you will help me now, I dont know anybody here and that is why I thank you in advance. rnSee you soon, rn rnDon t leave me alone here, PLEASE!!!!rnI will be moe then greatful when we meet....rnI am sorry tht my letter is not so warm but I am realy tired as never.rn rnIf you help me it will be great present for me for this New Years Day.rn rnyours Yulia

# Date: 2006-12-20

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