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# Name:      Anjelika

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Moscow

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 12%

# Scam scenarios:   She is requesting money for her credit debit... Good afternoon, at once I shall tell that I get acquainted not simply so, I require material protection, here my history I would like to tell to you about myself. The sad history of destiny, I

# Details: She is requesting money for her credit debit...rnGood afternoon, at once I shall tell that I get acquainted not simply so, I require material protection, here my historyrn I would like to tell to you about myself. The sad history of destiny, I am simple do not see an output from the developed situation, and you as the person are more senior and more skilled can will advise me what to do.rn I was born not in Moscow, and in small provincial small town. Has arrived to Moscow 5 years ago to enter the institute. Has arrived that in my native city, there is nothing for a life, that is: there there are no good universities, works, and even cultural establishments (such as: ballet, an opera and other)rnIn Moscow to me it was firstly very heavy, there were friends, not relatives, not habitation, not works. That is I have arrived in anywhere where me nobody knew also I nobody was necessary ( rnBut I went the to dream and the destiny has smiled to me also I all has entered the university also me have lodged in a hostel at university. I earned additionally all free time that that washed utensils at restaurant, not greater, but all of money to me paid. Sometimes visited exhibitions, museums, ballet, very much to like me a cultural life of Moscow. rnSo has developed, that my friend has invited me to work in one very perspective firm. I there liked also I have ahead of schedule finished institute and was arranged there on a permanent job. Money now sufficed on everything, I sent a part to parents that as that it to help, and other part saved for purchase of an apartment.rnAs I did not manage to buy an apartment at once, I have decided to buy it on credit in a under construction house, at us it refers to apartments under the mortgage. I had to take the credit in bank (as my money for an initial payment did not suffice). I have collected all of money and have sent them in firm which should give to me an apartment on the termination of construction.. rnOn happens so, that the firm-builder has gone bankrupt, and they have not returned money to me. Then and I my firm on which I worked too it has appeared the bankrupt. Here now at me which it is necessary to pay the big duty to bank, there would be no work which covered my losses, and there is absolutely nothing.rnSuch situation can develop only in Russia, but it has developed with me. rnYes, there can be I that that not so do, it can be not correct, but I do not have other output, I try to collect this sum very much for a long time, already soon will pass term of the contract. rn If you to me will not believe or accept me for the swindler that this your right, but it is not necessary to hand over me in law enforcement bodies or other authorities, in fact bad to you I nothing has made, simply forget me and erase this letter.rnIf you will regret me and will agree to help, to you I shall be very grateful, and in due course all I shall return rn

# Date: 2006-12-10