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# Name:      Vivianori Williams

# E-mail:

# Address:  Benin , Cotonou

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: Usual scenario-Travelling allowance-
  This woman is good. She pretends to be a christian and uses it to convince you to send her money. We correspond for a long time and yes i did send her some money. In total about $3000. This includes money for Internet connection, party for her mother, just spending money. No-one suspect her of any possible scam until you send the money for the air ticket. What a clever girl. She said she travel with a British passport but in the beginning she refused to send me a copy of her passport. Then at the last moment she send it which is false anyway because even the signature does not represent her name. Guys be careful of this woman. She is beautiful but very dangerous. She will take your money with a smile.
  When she received the money for the air ticket she contacted me again said there is a problem. She must have prove of travelling allowance. I ask her how much and it comes to an amount of more than the value of the ticket. When i said i am not going to pay it she even reduse it by halve. From $1000 down to $500. I told her that I have contacted the Nigerian consolate and the said BTA is not necessary. I ask her then if she would come to if i don't send her any BTA and she respond "No"

# Date: 2006-11-12

The money was transfered by means of Money Gram and i will include some of the transactions.

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