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# Name:      Victoria Bershak

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Stakhanov

# Seen at:   lucklovers

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: Ye olde translation scam - but this scammer certainly writes very, very good letters. Below is the letter from the 'agency' then the previous letter from 'Vika'. Check the end of the letter - I did get an answer to a very specific question! Probably it is Sergey himself writing these emails! Also note that Sergey asks me to be "confidential", ie, no scam posts! Sorry Sergey - find another line of work!
  Letter from Agency:
  Dear Sir,
  We want to inform you that Victoria is using our translation and Internet services. Her account has come to the end and she doesn't have the opportunity to write letter to you. She wants you to know she is still interested in you and in your further communication. If you want to have further correspondence with her we can award you the needed information about our service and prices which are rather available. If you are not interested in the lady please be confidential about the given information from Victoria.
  Best wishes.
  Principal of "Lingvo"
  Sergey Machulsky.
  Now - the last 'letter' from 'Vika':
  Hello dear James!
  Your letters bring happiness and light to my life! You seem to be so gentle and polite in your letters. You know, I even saw you in the dream tonight. Thank you for such warm words. I reread your letters and I know that you are truly the type of a person that I would love to spend the rest of my life with. I seek committed love, a man to share my dreams, my life; to wake up in the morning and just be able to hold on to someone who loves me as much as I love him. I'm almost sure that you are that someone.
  It will be the most beautiful Birthday in my life, because I will celebrate it with you. I've told my relatives and friends about you. They are very happy for me, because I have become happy, my heart shines with happiness. I believe that soon we can create a family. You know, I tried to search for such Man like you but I was greatly disappointed so many times...
  I met only men who only think about themselves and their own desires. But I feel, you are not like them! Fancy that! We live so far from each other, but our souls are close to each other. You are the man I desire, desire to fall in love with, marry and have children. Yes, a family with you and I dream about a family of our own! I swear, I will make you happy.
  To tell you the truth, I had relations with one Ukrainian man. We were dating for 2 years. But he broke my heart. He treated me like a doll. He used my appearance to feel himself confident and make his friends be jealous. But he never loved me indeed. He was handsome, but his soul was ugly. Since then it is not important for me a physical attraction, more important is personality, kindness, intelligence, honesty and most important of all, he will love me as I love him and want nobody else. I think that I deserve a man like You.
  In my partner I am looking for my soul-mate, the man who will make my life complete. I am not looking for the man that I can live with, I am looking for the man that I cannot live without. I think that a woman in the family is the person who provides the spiritual balance, their calmness, physical attraction, experience in a certain role, sexual appetite, creativity, personality, honesty, intelligence. I'm ready to give all these to You. I want to belong only to you, because I want to see a deserving man next to me.
  I think if we continue to write to each other sharing our emotions and feelings the love between us will grow, because a true love doesn't know any barriers, it overtakes everything.
  As for your question about condoms, I dont like them. I will better use the pills or other methods. Dont bring with you condoms, honey. I wish you a good day. Please write me as soon as possible.
  I miss you so much.
  Sincerely yours,

# Date: 2006-08-13

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