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# Name:      Marina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Gorlovka

# Seen at:   CupidBay

# Dangerous: 27%

# Details: Typical scam - the person contacted me and sent a number of very nice letters. Several photos of a beautiful girl, each photo a little more revealing than the previous one. The letters are an excellent mix of cut / paste with some personalization to make the letter appear to be ligitimate. The pitch for money came after it appeared that an agreement to meet had been reached.
  My dear Thomas!
  I am searching for my best friend. My best friend who will also be my soulmate. I don't think a great love affair can exist without a foundation of friendship. We should be equal partners in life. Each persons thoughts wants and desires should be of equal importance to the other. I want the feeling of each not being able to live without the other. That their lives are no longer two but one. To give and to receive love without boundaries. To give to each other fully and completely. To live for each others happiness and be the main source of support if bad times come. To work through the bad times together as a team. I believe the greatest joy in life comes from the happiness of your soulmate.
  They must always be friends. They must have the ability to communicate freely with each other about any subject whether good or bad. They should be always willing to listen to each other. They should never fear to tell the other something because it might be upsetting. They should listen and understand even if the news is upsetting and they should work through it together.
  My intentions toward you are very serious. I want to be your best friend, your lover, your soulmate, your only woman. I am hoping with all my heart that our correspondence will lead to our meeting and that will be the beginning of a great love affair between us. That we will have the life of joy and happiness and coziness in our home. That our love will be the one that others are measured against. We will be the couple with a love so great that others will be jealous and wish they had what we have.If you think the same, i am at marusya_vesna@MAIL.RU
  Your Marina
  Dear Sir.
  as a request of your lady Marina we would like to announce you that she is not able to reply to your last letter as at the moment she doesn't have any possibility to pay for translation and Internet services, provided by our translation firm. She is sorry about it. Marina believes she won't lose You as she is interested in You a lot. If You feel like to help Marina to pay for the correspondence, please, let us know we'll be glad to assist You and Marina to keep in touch.
  all the questions you have towards our services you can ask calling 13158492835.Please call from 9.00 to 16.00 (Ukrainian time) as we need to be in contact with our companions in Ukrainian. or you can send the inquiry to the e-mail address of your lady.
  You can also contact us with the Ukrainian number 3 8 095 388 03 51. we will be glad to answer all your questions.
  We hope for our future cooperation.
  Yours Faithfully,
  Executive Director,
  Alexandra Babochkina

# Date: 2006-05-12