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# Name:      Gylnara

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia

# Dangerous: 27%

# Details: This girl if she exist is aprostitute. i am trying to get more information about her

# Date: 2006-04-28

My dear ALLAN!

I had many ideas yesterday and today. I even badly slept yesterday at
night. And I have decided to risk with you and to meet you... I live in the city of Kirov is in Russia.

I have just come back from travel agency up to the Internet-cafe to write
to you, that I there have learned! I have written the whole 2 leaves, and
all is very detailed.
I think it for you and for me, they - too joyful news! How be fast we can
already together, and I begin my new life there with you.

I should give them some documents, and I have taken this list quickly to
collect all this. I have asked all in detail within 2 weeks - to Paris to France.

They have in detail told to me as how many charges - for the visa and
medical insurance. And for the ticket and reservation. And for hotel.
I it have told, that I shall live in the future husband with whom I have
acquainted on the Internet - and they have told, that I should take even the cheapest hotel, that in case of troubles I took place to come back there and to sleep there. And however they have told, that in embassy of any country
does not give the visa without hotel - to not transfer prostitution in the

But I think, that I shall not have troubles with you - I very much trust
you! Even my father so does not care of me. And I am very grateful to you
with this purpose! And you my sir in other world - me of which I shall not
transfer chance to accept this sir.
But when they have told total for 2 weeks - 730 euros.

My family has no such money. If you have helped me, that I would thank you
when I shall be there. I in a condition to make all in a bed - I very gentle
in a bed. Also that I am especially good in a condition which will be
borrowed in oral sex...
I shall make everything, that you want - all your imaginations become a
reality. Certainly about a life I silly but in men I understand well - I
think. I already have feelings to you.

I very much wish to see more quickly you and to nestle on all of you my

I wait your answer.

Kiss you with tenderness.
Yours Gylnara

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