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# Name:      Anna Sidorkina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Cheboksary

# Seen at:   I found her on russian americam love .com

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: wanted money for visa and airfare she gave all correct information for everything I asked many quistions and she answered correctly talked to her on phone several times
  she usees western union asked for amount for visa 357$ the correct amount and no extra and plane ticket for the excet amount no extra
  2nd report:
  First name: Anna
  Lasy name; Sidorkina
  Country: Russia
  City: Cheboksary
  Details: she first asked for 235 usd for a passport and visa. And then she planned to come to me. So she then asked for 250 usd for train fair and a room until her flight left. As soon as she i told her that could not afford any more unexpected mishaps that required money, she then stopped all correspondence. Luckily it only cost me a couple of hundred dollars. Not enough to put me in poverty. But it will take some time for the heart surgery to my broken heart. She sounded sincere and honest. A person that had full intention of fullfilling my dreams of marriage. Only if i had seen this site before sending any monies.
  Reported by: Timothy

# Date: 2006-04-19


Greetings my love Michael
I am glad that you trust me as I believe you, I know that you never will give in insult of me. As I spoke you yesterday at me today the court was.
Dear to believe it it is very unpleasant when you accuse.
At me the good lawyer was and it{he} has helped me with that that even has achieved that that I can take off nevertheless from the country. They spoke me that if I shall not pay 3000 $ till April, 17 that they will look at that what to plant{put} me in prison.
The lawyer could not make more anything as the crime was available.
I thank the god only for that that I can come to you as soon as I shall pay the penalty. I hope that you will help me with it, it is not very a pity to me that I can write to you many letters to day, I do not work now and for me a lot of time. But I go to the Internet of cafe when there more freely, certainly I would like to speak by with you to phone or dialogue in mail but we do not have such opportunity .òåì more that I do not have now salary as I have discharged from office.
For the last some days my nerves have become worthless and now to me
Itself it is necessary to go to the psychologist, but I am pleased very strongly with those that I can arrive to you. I repeat that as soon as I can pay the penalty that I can fly to you. To tell to me I correctly you has understood that you can send me of money on Monday? Or I am not right?
I very strongly love you and simply my life is not meaningful without you.
I agree my acts probably and once resemble lie but I with you am open. I would ask you that we have had this time and you will see what I shall be to you the wife. I very much love you.
Every evening I pay that you are not present beside and to me is very sad.
As though I would want that we were born in one country and there would be no such obstacles.
I promise you that there would be no more reasons that I to you have not arrived, there was not a lot of time and we shall be a number{line}.
Simply I very strongly want to prove to your friends that they were not right under the attitude{relation} to me, they did not trust me and spoke you that I deceive you.
I want to meet them face to face and to tell him{it} that I that Anna and that it{he} spoke simply nonsense.
Well I shall close on it.
I love you I love you you that who to me is necessary
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you

With all love Anna


My greetings Michael,

How - you, my dear? I - so-so. I am afraid, that I have caught a cold.
I have a headache and I feel, that something is wrong with my throat.
Hope, all will be fine. After the letter to you this letter I shall go
The house also lays in a bed.

My love to me it is very bad from it you far from me.
Every day, when I wake up, I think: " That you do{make} now? Perhaps, right now you
Reflection (sights) about me ". Every night I go to sleep with dreams of our meeting
And a long life together. I feel, that it - our destiny to meet (to execute) each other.
Once we should take a step which will be able to change (to replace) ours
Lives. We can spend (to carry out{spend}) a long and happy life together. I want to love you,
I want to care you. I think, that you are a person whom I can love for
Rest of my life. You so are kind and to feel pity. You have brought light
And light to my heart. I only want to study your eyes and to
Stay with you for ever. I cannot find, that words speak you as happy I
Only know you. I am so filled with the offer feeling to you.
I am pleased, that you have understood me is right and not. It - is valid very much
Important for me. Now poorly do not worry.;))
I am very glad that you have begun new work but very much you it is a pity to me that you
So strongly to get tired. Yes you speak that it is good money in Russia I earn this sum 300 $ for 2,5 months.
Really in your country the standard of living than at us is higher.
Dear I did not want to afflict you concerning children, but I had in view of what
I want during first time so much children, in if we see that we can have money what to
bring up more children that I think that we can bring into the world and 6 children.
I very much like small.
Simply at us in Russia it is difficult to bring up even 2 children as there would be no money
what to provide family.
Today I went to computer shop and learned{found out} how many will cost
Computer for my parents.
The computer of average quality costs{stands} 954 $, they can write to me letters directly from a house.
What to lead{carry out} to the house the Internet the telephone line, that is phone it is necessary will cost 300 more $
. Certainly it is possible to connect the Internet a demon of a telephone line but it is much more dear{expensive} 560 $
Dear I ask you to send me of money for phone and a computer for my parents that we could support with
them communication{connection}. The total sum makes 1254 $ both payment for negotiations and the
Internet 200 more $, that is it is necessary for me 1454 $.
It is a shame to dear me to ask you such large sum as you to me and so have paid trip, but these
are the most necessary things.
As soon as you to earn this sum or to receive the loan from bank I would ask that you have sent me it.
I grieve without you so. It is a pity to me, that I cannot be with you every minute. You
In my heart and ideas.

All good. A kiss you.

Yours, Anna