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# Name:      Tatyana Spichova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Rovno

# Seen at:   Contacted on American Singles - originally wrote using a different e-mail address:


# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: Visa/Ticket Scam
  I knew it was a scam immediately. I recognized the photo to be that of a famous international model - Adrianna Lima from Brazil.
  These were absolutely the smartest letters I had ever received. The writer is extremely intelligent! There is nothing obvious about this scam except the pictures. How someone this smart can attach photos that are so obviously phony is beyond me.
  When I finally asked her about the Adrianna Lima's pictures, she stopped writing. I have posted 3 of her letters.

# Date: 2006-02-10
I am as always happy to receive your letter today..
Today I have perfect mood.Everything this due to you :).I am very glad I met you in my life.Nothing is necessary - main thing is YOU. I was not so happy anytime before:). There is such sensation at me that I know you many-many years..I want that you knew me even better.
I tried to tell thee maximal about myself and family In old emails so I think that you already know many my addictings and habits.. My main trait is my ability to perceive people as they are with all their shortcomings..I have told not all the biography about myself, now I shall try to tell some more.... I want to tell also that I Like animals. I love cats:). I die I like these creations...
I like to leave on the nature.. What at you a favourite season? By the way, do you frequently have a rest on the nature?:) I adore the sea, the sun is warm also! Though this winter has received improbable pleasure when girlfriends have decided to recollect the childhood and to bury me in a snowdrift ! Now I love a snow too!
I like to read, though recently I have time to read only any magazine, in breaks on work.
My education is the maximum -economics, a speciality the "Finance and the Credit".Now I work as the secretary...on work are as when... when I am free, when all the day is occupied... Only pay not especially much (but the salary hardly more than at mother...:))..
In people and in men I appreciate an openness, internal culture, tenderness understanding, sincerity... I appreciate sincerity more then other things.I hate cynicism, meanness, treachery, as however, probably, many of us.. I would name the most important understanding, fidelity and reliability...
I am have really very good character, on a life I am the optimist though I try to look at a life really..I do not know what to tell more now... You know everything..:)
I am always very open and sincere person from for what I thinking about people the same but people actually are such different:) But I am think, I am with you are such identical....:))
At last I have a case to tell you sincerely what is happening to me in my life..
I think that destiny has brought us together, and I am so thankful for this. Your words brought so much joy to me.I see, that our letters are ever more complete by soul warm
and good mood. I want, that it always to be. I want to know that you think of it..:)
Today I feeling myself so highly, because my ideas about you. When I think of you, and you are thinking of me, everything heat up me.
I see, that we are necessary to each other.

With thoughts of you, Tatyana.
I always think about you. I can't work. I can make nothing with myself.Today I all day thought only of you as we will meet.
I went along the street and thought about everything at once....... about a life... about you..... about our letters.......
I think a life in general is a surprising thing.Sometimes it seems to me that life is similar to Mum. Life will sometimes shout, sometimes even easily strike few times, and the person in insult at once, but actually everything this from big parent's love.:) And if in the soul hurricane of emotions breaks everything on the his way..... and the common sense for some time leaves - here Life will caress, and will specify a correct way, in an enormous and boundless firmament, will specify that star on which is necessary to hold a reference point but frequently we do not want to notice these signs!! I found my sign - this is you!
The person on an extent of all life tries to find happiness, burns sometimes behind itself all bridges, but happiness sometimes at us simply beside and the problem for many, that they are simple do not see this happines..... do you agree with me?
To me is VERY good, as I meet you in my life. I wasn't be so happy yet.I believe in the power of love and I think of you constantly, imagine how I will be with you. How I would like to enjoy with you to do anything. I know I need you. I know you have everything what is important to me....
At last I can to to tell you sincerely something matter what is happening to me. Since the time we started corresponding in my life came a sensation of happiness and ease. I know we should be together in any case.
I want to be happy and to make happy the persons near me.I want you to know that my words come straight from my heart and intend only to you I can say firmly that you have all features that I wanted to find in a man.I will come to you, I started to opening the visa to your country.
I am waiting your letter.

I can't be apart from you :)
it is so hard. You are my man, I want to hug you so much, to feel your warmth, to look into your eyes, to feel myself happy and safe near you. You know that Russian and Ukrainian women are very caring, tender and devoted to their families and they get married in their early age. So, I can say for sure that I am ready and want to have a family very much....
If to be fair anything are hardly given now, after yesterday day of a birth.
Yesterday I was at the girlfriend birthday,and has presented gold ring to my girlfriend ..... Mother dissuaded me, but I like to give gifts...:)..and has presented the ring to her.The girlfriend was in a shock, mother too:) But I do not regret:)
At the day of birth.... I am such mild person, ....but in real I has eaten big pie itself :).... 200gr martini has drink, half-bottles of champagne and a half of kg of meat and differences of to you everything this?:)).Under the truth.... I am afraid to stay on balance already:) Then girlfriend has quarrelled with her guy, I have rushed to reconcile them, and has sobered up from this quickly...) Evening has turned out not so well, and have early gone home.....
Listen.. do you have dream? Anyone, it is not important even what, for certain is.. what your dream is? (At me last time for some reason dream to go on the sea with you where is a lot of sand, waves and the sun sitting in the sea ...:)).......)
And I am so afraid to lose you. I want to share everything with you and to be near you, just to feel your warmth. I dream about it every day. You really drive me crazy, now I can think only about you. And I don't need anyone except you.
I now completely to change, it to notice all mine familiar and friends
You are in my heart.
I am anxiously awaiting your reply and sorry for such short letter.

Your Tatyana.

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