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Comment from Joe

SinglesfunctionsA Real Legit Free Online There are many sites but when you say good can it mean many things, free is good that's one thing but i don't know what you mean about good it can be a local site or it can be a sites whit good supoprt and many functions.I use a free called 1111 date the site have been free to use until now and i have use it in long time now, the site are not so big but they offer many and most work well at the site, but the 3d city at the site only work whit a browser there supoprt Active X i normally use Firefox and this browser don't supoprt Active X but i have found a plug-in so now all are okay else you can use Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Avant, etc.I like the site and i think it's a great free site but for people who search other local singles i think the site still need more members, but if you search more wide it's a good site
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Comment from Minako

Sorry to impose my vauels on you, dear daughter, but I only have your best interests at heart. Sometimes it takes time to get to know someone. If you eliminate a gentleman too prematurely because he doesn't iron his sheets (example only), then you may be passing on a potentially wonderful human being whose good qualities may have surfaced on the very next date! So, sometimes your "gut" is wrong. Just my opinion. I have known many instances where this has been born out. In my case, there was just something about your father that I had to explore further... So, dearest child, I'm sorry if I misspoke and I think your incredible as a person and a woman and I know deep in my heart that you will choose, from among your many suitors, the very right man for you. This I know: he is looking for you right now.
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Comment from hatnoz

hi you look like asas fairy .do you fly to me your secrecy aboard .where never come back again. what your interest and destination.
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Comment from marty

She's now going by Yulija Poljakowa. camency27 camency29 camency80 @ Take your pick> I think she probably has a 59 73 in there somewhere too. Shes at lavalife now
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Comment from michel

seen this girl on with e-mail
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