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Comment from Abby

David Moyes would be crazy to turn Mesut Ozil down. Unless, Cesc Fabregas gas changed his mind on stiayng at Barcelona which is highly doubtful. But, after this summers transfer farce at Old Trafford, i won't be too shock to learn in the upcoming days that we have lost out or not been keen on securing Ozil!
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Comment from Rizaal

Hi Boon, thanks for the chat yetedrsay, I'm glad to know a couple people share my concerns about the DesignJams. I read your post and kept thinking my thoughts exactly. :) I hope to see you soon at another event, and even just getting together for a general chat, like you mentioned, sounds fantastic.
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Comment from mesut

way way way turkısh ankaradan mesut canım eklermisin cok ttatlı cıkmışşın başka nedenir ben bilemiyorum ?
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Comment from Terry

The pictures of this beauty is enticing and easily you can fall for it but if sounds to good to be true it probably is not true or real the photos are real eye candy everyone wants beautiful blonde Oh my the devil in disguise 6-26-2012
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Comment from Dameon

Her real name is Valeria and is an internet sensation in Russia and East Europe. She was a former Miss Odessa and is known as the living Barbie Doll. There are several news stories on her attempts to actually be a living doll. There are over 50 Facebook sites devoted to her. But the one thing she is not is a scammer. They have been stealing her pictures from her social media pages for over 6 years.
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Comment from Vladimir
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