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Comment from Kaycee

Well done arlctie that. I'll make sure to use it wisely.
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Comment from Krezmy

the railway time table are cionusfng. it should show as it is shown in the booklet available at stations. if i am say ghatkopar station, at a particular time , it must show me all trains Both towards mumbai , and karjat / kasara side. i can check fast trains, slow trains etc.also the timetable of long distance trains should be as it is shown in the thick timetable book costing some Rs 70.00, which gives details of any train time, at any station , or when it will reach a partiqular station.also the info should include mindicator as available in mobile
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Comment from Darshan

I don't think this is aimed at mainstream rhcearseers, but rather people on the margins. For example, amateurs, cranks, people with Ph.D.s who have been unsuccessful in finding academic jobs but feel that more publications could help, perhaps people in third world countries who want to build their CVs to get jobs or school admission in the US. Some of these people are extremely eager to get something published and may not have the perspective to know what standard procedures are or how to recognize a scam. Of course, they may not have much money, but you don't need a high response rate for the scam to be successful. Suppose you ask for page charges of $100/page plus $100 for each figure. Maybe a few people will just pay without question, and the people who complain that they lack the funds can be offered a special, discount rate. You won't get rich from this scam, but I can imagine you might collect several thousand dollars with a few dozen hours of effort. That's a pretty good hourly rate.
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