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Comment from CDkeDyxyZq

generic xanax signs drug abuse xanax - xanax in your system drug test
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Comment from wbuUHcHmtL

buy xanax online xanax drug side effects - can buy xanax online yahoo
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Comment from wicked man or there are a few more email addresses if tou go to you will find alot more on the names that she uses
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Comment from wicked man

yeah this one also goes by kate boadu, amanda smith, osai williams, rosina ofosua , all from ghana , look here up at bottom of page 26 try the other names and she will come up also different names same face .yhe last 11 pics that she sent me were recent and man she is getting old crows feet and sunken red eyes . yeah she claims that she is a god fearing woman and that i am a bad man trying to ruin here life by posting this and refers to me as a wicked man . screw her i hope her and all the other scammers end up getting theres ,
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Comment from Troy

This is one beautiful girl. I would love to marry her & have a family by her.
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Comment from douglas smith

what a shark face!!!!!
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Comment from fernando perez

that girl is also on beautiful people luring victims there she calls herself claudia dadzie and claims to be in australia
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Comment from

Looks like the black shoe polish wore off this one...
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