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Comment from Appakunhi

The aim is laudable to ipormve the Staff Health and well being. But when it come to the Doctors from the Ethnic Minority Group the NHS is failing miserably.on flimsy ground the system is treating them harshly causing them intolerable suffering to the individual and their families, economical strain to the persons and nation at large.We are all for the patient safety but it should not be the tool to beat the doctors from the EMG. There are glowing examples of racism in NHS and one wonders where one can get a fairness justice when the persons in charge of committing the racism, hide behind the high official status and positions ?
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Comment from Franciscoanaceldonacimeto

wow! I LOVE this song! I didn't realize Kevin is so H.O.T.! This song is awmosee..gets ya Rockin ..he has so much talent he didn't need lil Wayne on here at all..I wish Kevin the best and more songs like this from him would be awmosee!
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Comment from gonzogp69

Hola Dainna eres muy bella y me gustaría ser tu amigo saludos
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Comment from sam

wow. heart broken. anyone care to give me contact info and discuss details?
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Comment from Alan

New Alias Catherine Pacho, residing in California and Florida
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Comment from Terry

Latest Find to support claims: Attempting illegal entry to US via false marriage. See scammer tactics. Be Careful!
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Comment from

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Comment from Sam

Baby, you do need to scam people ,just come to me to US,and I will take care you very nicely,I will not get off from you until you say pleaseee!!
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Comment from Terry

Complaint Report Filed with US Customs & Immigration and FBI. Colombian Cedula (National ID) # C00035196128 issued in Chia, Colombia Colombian Passport # AJ346220 issued in Bogota, Colombia Last Known Home Address: Chia, Colombia Professional Actress Training & Sophisticated Con Artist
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Comment from the big one

Wayne - get well quickly; we're all rootin' for you. Best wishes old chap - fron the UK
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Comment from ~BLACK PANTHER~

Wayne,where ever you are old friend.I just want to say Get well soon buddy.I will be thinking of you in my Prayers.Best wishes from Brazil
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Comment from freddyboy from just cool now Canada

I know Wayne, but only through this website..he is a good guy. I sincerely hope whatever your battle is Wayne that you can face it and win, I am sure their are many of your friends here that are saying a prayer for you my friend. I don't see Forrest or Steve or quite a few of the good ole boys on here anymore. Maybe the novelity of chasing scammers is wearing thin, and most of us realise it is a battle that can't be won...GO SCAMMERS...however this one is a bit of an oddity. I think this is the first scammer I have seen from South America????
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Comment from jason

Your a Texian, and Texians don't give up. Hang in there Wayne. Bye the way what has happen to Forrest and James, haven't heard from them in a long time.
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Comment from kitzell5

shit!!! hope he gets over whatever it is Dameon, now i know why he's not been here lately. fight it all the way Wayne, i'm rootin for ye m8.
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Comment from Dameon

This is a shout out to our boy Wayne who has gotten pretty sick. He is facing a real fight in the upcoming months. I can't say what, but all of you who know him, please find a place in your prayers that he fights the good fight and wins. I am thinking about you buddy.
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