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Comment from michael rapuano

she claims to love me as well .was coming home from work conference and her apartment upstairs flodded place downstairs so shenwill have to look for money elsewhere. She has not yet asked but I am sure the bmoney request is not far away.WE have been aquainted since February 08
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Comment from Steve

Thank god I came across this site, as other comments, I have been in correspondence with this so called lady for a few months on email, she sent me loads of photos of her, her dog, mother etc, she never asked me for money, but thanks to this site as I'm sure it wouldn't have been long befor she did, guys stop sending these women money!!!!
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Comment from Atle

She is a scamer 100% and have used manny agencys under diferent name- Here name was Alina and one of her e mail`s was I have lots of info and pictures of this scamer. enough to get her behind bars. i do also have here adress at home and here family name.
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Comment from tony

This woman sent me more pictures with her dog and her friends. Her name was "Ludmila"
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Comment from phil

she uses another e mail all traffic stop ladies are a none starter all they want is your money and never belieev that they will come to your country why should thye when stupid men send them money STOP !!!!!! SENDING MONEY TO THSES WOMEN i know of one guy from london who has been scammed out of £32,000 in 3 years so leave beauty along because you only get hurt in the long run
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Comment from phil kershaw

i have not met this girl but have a few pictures here that may be of use she lives and works in kazan for a brewery company or so she says and she has tried to scam me so convincing she is i have many pictures of her but never met she has asked for money to be sent and please do not send any when you refuse she tells you not more contact also she multi sends e mails and like one of the other guys screwed her identity up as being genuine same as the rest of the reports she uses her dog as well as a pawn never send her your detais she will screw you do not send her money or info and buyer beware
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Comment from Michael

Maria was in correspondence with me...she said she was a Biologist. She developed a rather sincere relationship...including her dog....but when she asked me for money to come to me. I felt something just wasn't right.
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Comment from don the detective

this woman messed up when she sent the same "letter" twice....
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Comment from Murphy M.

A typical scam scenario.Normally they come from a team based around the Kazan area.
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