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Comment from Stephan

Guys: she wrote to me too, but don't ever think that there is a girl writing to you, because normally there is a whole gang behind such pictures. At the end of the day you find these pics anywhere on the Net and just use them! Myspace is just one example, where you can find pics......they all fool us. Don't use any free sites, 99,9% are all fraud and scammers!
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Comment from asaad

very beautiful lady so sexy would like to make friendship with u
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Comment from Fudd aka Roamer

Hey kitzell5, What really gets me is why in the world would you want to attempt to communicate with a lady and you can't even understand her language at all...........I mean, if she understands english and can read and write it, well that's a different story...How can you have a relationship blossom if you can't even talk with the other...Some people are just dreamers, and they are the one's who get scammed the most...Yeah right,I'll pay translation fees!!! Freakin morons!!Now if there was another language that you both could read and write, well then that would be a start, and then maybe you might be able to have a relationship.....
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Comment from kitzell5

thot i recognised the face an body on this one Fudd ... so another one wi the old an tired 'translation service scam'. will they ever learn that one don't work too good anymore?
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Comment from Fudd Remembers

Yessiree!!! These are stolen pics and she was just posted here recently.....
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