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Comment from IdLcBapvyN xanax dosage chart - watson 658 generic xanax
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Comment from Gump's Friend Fudd

That's not recommended, unless she applies them with her lips....She's a comdom factory worker, so I'm positive she will have all of the expertise needed...
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Comment from Forrest

Do I get the try all the samples on?
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Comment from roamer fudd

Forrest,I will have you working a summer job right next to her at the Prophylactic Factory....She's the "size" checker.... I think that the "T.B." stands for Tortured Balls.....
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Comment from Who's your daddy

A street walker? crackhead? a drag queen?
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Comment from Forrest

She works as a technician at a tuberculosis prevention center. The semester is almost over and I was riding pretty high grade-wise. Can I carry this over to summer school?
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Comment from Geeves

Belly Dancer?
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Comment from A curious roamer

All right Class!!! Let me have your attention!!!!The first one who can tell me what #27437-Anna does as her profession gets extra credit and an "A" for the rest of the semester.... Latest additions section......This one's better than the "Hookah" maker!!!!!
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Comment from Dameon

I once played a scammer telling her my name was Ted Nugent. It is somewhere here in the scammer database; I just don't remember which one.
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Comment from Roamer the Historian

Procopius was a Byzantine Historian...Authored a book "History of his own time" and Secret History of his own time.... I wonder if the blonde does the "Wango Tango"???
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