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Comment from

as i traveled thruogh this sight I have seen this girl 3 times #2884 #2491 #2421 and im sure there are more on her dhe staats her travel then will ask you for help to finish it
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Comment from RISKETS

she is called Liubov now and e-mail is ... thank you !!
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Comment from yim

Well.. i'm angry with this situation... this a bad joke.. play with feelings, come on!!.. this is sad... She is called first time "Sara" later she is called "Alyona" with this Well i got a go i'm really upset with that.. tha's enought :(
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Comment from A Fort Polk Trained Roamer

Then we would have her straddle and M-60, and fire a few thousand rounds with her on it....That will heat her up!!!!
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Comment from John 42

Roamer tell us all and remember no sugar coating now!!!!
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Comment from ~Black Panther~

Your so right about that Roamer,My God.If anyone still falls for this one,I wouldn't know what to think? Even though she has some new photo's out.
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Comment from Roamer

Now do you really want me to go into detail, sir??? Because I sure can!! Starting with sticking a flag pole up her ass!!!! May I continue???
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Comment from Dameon

Tell us what you really think of her Roamer :-}
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Comment from very angry gerold

hi roamer so she is busy! since 4 days iam member off freedatingservice for hunt scmas but now they hunt me in 4 days 5 well known scammers from nigeria to russia, i learn every day a litle more! today i listed the first of this 5 the next will following!
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Comment from Roamer

She's No.1!!!This is the most active scammer of all....There are more pictures of this scammer than any other...She is everyf'nwhere....
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