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Comment from Johnny Minogue

En México y Latinoamérica la conocimos como "Nelli Tchagina" y "Olga Zagaynova". A mi me quiso estafar con $1,250.00 euros, pero pude detectar el engaño a tiempo. Información detallada en :
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Comment from pauris

les agradeceria me enviaran mas informacion de ella como su verdadero nombre si lo tienen, es muy importante para mi gracias
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Comment from pauris

Ella es Olga Zagainova la chica que me estafo con 1560 euros, con ellos segun iba a visar y comprar boleto de avion para conocerme, ojala me den mas informacion de ella no he podido hacer nada legalmente en su contra.
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Comment from Roamer

No way Dude!!!That's a freshwater crayfish!!!Them Maine Lobstahs would pinch you if they could, that thing would have to be inflated to even come close to them cold water crays.... I swear it looks just like the one I have in my tank and I caught it in my river 2 years ago, and mine just shed about a month ago....
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Comment from Forrest

That ain't no crawdad, Roamer. That's a lobstah. And judging by the size, the Marine Patrol will be having a few words with her.
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Comment from roamer fudd

Damn, She stole my Crayfish out from my fishtank!!!! That or she's showing off her crabs...
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