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Comment from H2dowardtob

???????? Twitch ????????
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Comment from Vigo

Yeah, I see what you mean by it being a wide topic. What made me think of it was asking myeslf what I would like to hear you persuade me to do. Specifically, I was thinking of you persuading me, someone who already thinks that women should have equal rights, to advocate for it. But, I think maybe that's an even wider topic why someone should advocate for anything.How about persuading people that the Chevy Cavalier is that greatest car of all time?
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Comment from Carmina

I saw an article about Toastmasters on a bultelin board and attended my first meeting abot a week later. I was very introverted and afraid to say anything in public. After one month in Toastmasters, I was on my way. I spoke many times in public; small & large groups; TV & Radio.I was promoted several times on my job and received a prestigious recognition award and a substantial monetary award. I am projecting achieving DTM sometime in 2012. I owe most of my advancing in life to Toastmasters. Fountain City Toastmasters Club
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Comment from Joshua

Well, first I would ask how you know they're smeches. I work from home and it's not a smeche.Second, anytime you post your email address online, you're going to get responses you may not have expected. The best way to deal with this is to make an email address at Yahoo or Gmail that is *just* for job offer replies. That way it won't bother you in your normal email box.Third, if you decide you do want to try to work at home, make sure you don't do anything that asks for a credit card or money up front. I learned that the hard way!!
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