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Comment from tom

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Comment from Emailng her right now.

Glad I found out abut this web site! Iwas buying into her whole story until she emaied me her address, I decided to google it and found out about these scammers! She goes by Nadezhda on yahoo personals. She doesn't know that I know yet, so I might have some with her.
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Comment from Wolli

She´s very active, appears with several different names and pictures on in germany and is also here (unknown?) registrated with different pictures, e.g. as Anastasiya!
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Comment from Anonymous

This B*1c|-| is also known as Irina Aleksandrovna Latypova and also Aleksandra Aleksandrovna Potorochina, same EXACT emails as Dennis, word for word. She was stupid enough to send me a copy of her very poorly photochopped VISA, and in my verification by the St. Petersburg U.S. Consulate, I got in touch with another guy who even got another copy of the faked visa with her other alias too. He almost got screwed by this sack of crap too. Obviously this worthless example of a woman has a mile long list of aliases, how surprising. She contacted me on with the alias "Julikana". BEWARE PEOPLE, THIS PIECE OF HUMAN EXCRETEMENT OBVIOUSLY GETS AROUND THE TOILET BOWL.
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Comment from Mike

This girl tried to scam me. Same emails as Dennis must copy and paste most of it. I was suspicious of course and decided to google search her name. This site saved me from sending her money. Thanks, M.
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Comment from Anonymous

This girl has been trying to squeeze me for $ under 3 or 4 different aliases. She hasn't caught on that I have caught on to her. It is really laughable. She is also known as Riyna, Olga, Sweet, Lopochka, womancatfire( name a few. She has about 3 or 4 different profiles on
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Comment from Wombat

G'day Dameon,I have just returned from checking my burrows in a country town, for the Easter break. Am fresh & relaxed...going for a nocturnal wander through these pages...makin' sure all is neat and tidy and hoping that some postings have cooled down since last Wednesday.
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Comment from Dameon

Where is Wombat?
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Comment from nick

what always amazes me that the visa these girls (guys) say they can give you the amount for is never close to the acual price of a visa last person i wrote i sent her for a loop and i would meet her when i came there all of a sudden there were more excusses why she could,nt meet me than carters have little pills thats now my faverate come back to the momey letter
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